Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

Mostly, cats have the habit of cuddling. They especially cuddle at night. You may also notice that your cat cuddles at night with you. You know why cats cuddle with you? Or are you thinking “Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night? All of these are discussed in the following article

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

There are two reasons that cats cuddle at night. First, they cuddle at night to be warm, and second, when cats like any space where the cat feels warm, cosy, comfortable and especially secure, they just cuddle them.

In bed, when the cat feels warm, cosy, comfortable, and secure , they cuddle in bed.

If you are in bed, they cuddle with you. If you are not there, maybe she cuddles with any other thing, such as cuddle with a blanket also.


Why Does My Cuddle With Me?

Mostly, cats cuddle with their owners while sleeping. The cat caddles with her owner, because she loves her owner, feels warm, wants attention, feels secure, cosy and comfortable with its owner.

Your Cat cuddles with you at night, because she wants to feel comfortable and wants to enjoy her sleep.

Cats prefer to be warm. Cats are always worried about their safety.

With an owner, she always feels secure, warm and comfortable. That’s why she always cuddles with its owner at night.


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The following are the reasons cats cuddle with you,

  1. To be Warm:

Mostly, cats have a thick coat of fur, but they don’t like cold weather. Despite having a thick coat of fur, they just run away from the cold.

Cats don’t prefer cold weather. Cats like to be warm.

You may notice in winter, cats hide under the car to be warm, or in winter, cats sit or hide under the bed, they will hide under a blanket, or there are a lot of spots where cats hide in winter from cold.

They do a lot of things to be warm, including cuddling.

Cats cuddle to be warm. Cats especially cuddle at night because at night the temperature is cold from day.

  1. Safe And Secure:

Cats give her first priority to her safety.

No doubt, cats are natural and good hunters, but the cat is endangered by predators.

There are a lot of reasons why cats are endangered by predators. One of the reasons is that cats are threatened by predators due to their size. They are small in size.

You may notice that cats sit in taller areas?

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Cats prefer to sit in taller areas because, from taller areas, cats can easily keep an eye on their surroundings.

Mostly, cats trust their owner. Your cat cuddles with you because she knows cuddling with you or sleeping with you is safer for her. When a cat is with her owner, she feels safe and secure.

Cats don’t compromise on their safety when they have any threat or fear from anyone. Cats hide or cats attack.

They also are afraid, run and hide from dogs, strangers, and from loud noises such as car hornes, or dog barks etc, If your cat considers you the alpha of the house.

If your cat also considers you safe for her, then she will jump on your lap, sit around you, move around you, sleep with you, and cuddle with you.

So, you should also take care of your cat’s safety.

  1. Your Attention

Mostly, cats want their owner’s attention towards them.

When your cat needs your attention, it will come to you, sit with you or cuddle with you.

You may notice that sometimes we use a mobile, TV, using a laptop, reading, working in kitchen, or sleeping. Cats just come to us and do different things, including cuddling to gain our attention.

If you don’t give her attention, maybe she will become aggressive or maybe she damages the thing you are using.

If she comes to you, just give your attention to her, if she wants to play with you, cuddle, talk, sit with you, or sit on your lap, let them do.

  1. Cats Like their Owner:
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Cats can’t show their feelings, as humans show their feelings. However, it’s not impossible or very rare that your cat hates you or she doesn’t enjoy being with you.

Mostly, all cats like their owners, and want to spend time with their owner.

Cats can show their love for you by sitting on your lap, sleeping and cuddling with you. The cat cuddles her owner when she likes her owner.

But there are some cats who don’t cuddle with their owner. It doesn’t mean that those cats hate their owner. Actually, some cats don’t have a habit of cuddling. That’s why they don’t do cuddling.


Cats always prefer to be warm. You may also notice that your cat sits under sunshine, they sit under sunshine to be warm.

You will never find your cat sitting in a cold place. They always find warm spots to sit and sleep. The cat feels comfortable in warm spots.

There are a lot of reasons why cats sleep with their owners. One of these reasons is that you, your bed, and your blanket are a warm spot for cats. That’s why cats sleep with you and cuddle with you.

Why Cats Sit In Corners:

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

You may notice that your cat always sits in the corner. There are two reasons why cats sit in the corner.

First, by sitting in the corner, a cat can easily look at all of its surroundings, and second, cats sit in a corner, because they can cuddle in the corner.

Moreover, cats sit in the corners, because when she sits in corners, her position is like she is cuddling.

Why Does My Cat Only Sleep With Me?

Not only one reason, there are a lot of reasons why your cat sleeps with you.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Your Cat loves or likes you.
  2. She sleeps with her favorite person.
  3. Maybe you feed your cat. That’s why she sleeps with you.
  4. She feels comfortable with you.
  5. She feels secure by sleeping with you.
  6. She wants to cuddle you.
  7. She wanted to be warm.
  8. She enjoys being in your bed or your bed is a comfortable spot for her.
  9. She likes your soft blanket. 10. She likes your smell
  10. She wants to show affection for you.


Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

There are a lot of benefits to cuddling or hugging your cat. Not only for you, there are a lot of benefits for cats also. By cuddling with you.

The following are some benefits of cuddling and hugging a cat:

  1. Cuddling or hugging your cat helps you to decrease your tiredness.
  2. Cuddling with a cat lowers your stress.
  3. It helps you in depression.
  4. It helps you with anxiety.
  5. It makes a stronger bond with your cat.
  6. It helps you when you feel lonely.
  7. Cuddling with a cat relaxes you.

Why do Some Cats Cuddle More Than Other cats?

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Actually, cuddling depends on cat behavior. Some cats do more than others because they like and enjoy cuddling.

There are some cats which don’t do cuddling, or they don’t know how to do cuddling. Maybe they don’t like to cuddle or they don’t enjoy cuddling.

Mostly, active cats don’t like to cuddle.

Do All Cats Do Cuddling?

Not all cats do cuddle, but mostly cats, especially indoor cats, cuddle.

There are some cats that don’t like that someone picks them and cuddles them. Some cats don’t trust owners also, they think cuddling is a trap for them, and when you pick them up for cuddling, they become aggressive.