Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking me?

We all love our kittens and cats. And we all feel bad and it hurts when sometimes our cat attacks us. Sometimes they just suddenly attack us and they scratch or bite us, which is painful and dangerous for us. Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking me? It’s discussed very deeply and clearly in the following article.

Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking Me?

Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking me?

There are multiple reasons why your cat attacks you.

The cat can be aggressive, fearful, afraid or scared, defensive, or pet induced etc. Soemtimes also while playing cats attacks thier owner.


There are several reasons why your cat attacks you.

Some of these reasons are as follows:

The Cat Has To Utilize Its Energy:

No doubt cats sleep a lot. Usually, cats sleep around about 16 hours a day but the fact is, they have a lot of power/energy. Which they have to utilize or use somewhere. They have a lot of energy, that’s why they demand activities from you.

Outdoor cats use and utilize their energy in hunting, but indoor cats can’t hunt indoors. Inside, cats use little energy by playing, but still alot of energy remains to utilize.

However, when cats have a lot of energy and they have nothing to do, sometimes they attack their owner. Attacking owners is just an activity for cats. Cats are natural hunters and that’s also a reason cats attack you.

Attacking you or any other thing in your house is just a part of play for the cat and from attacking, cats learn to hunt and deal with their prey.

So, make your cat busy with different activities, play with her and try to utilize her energy for good things.

Cat Is Fearfull:

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When cats have fear or when they are suffering from fear, stress or anxiety, it turns to aggression.

When your cat attacks you, maybe she has a fear and, due to that fear, they become aggressive and attacks on you.

Moreover, if your cat is afraid or scared of you, to protect themselves they attacks on you.

Cat Having Any Medical Issue:

When cats have medical problems, if you touch them or pet them, she attacks you.

It’s possible when a cat is upset, uncomfortable or having any medical issue, she attacks you.

Maybe your cat is having pain or she is injured. If you notice that she is uncomfortable or having any medical issue, the best solution is to take your cat to your vet for proper check-up and treatment.

Cat Attacks To Gain Your Attention:

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Sometimes, a cat attacks you to gain your attention.

When you ignore your cat or you are not giving proper attention to her, she attacks you for your attention.

By attacking you, she is saying “Pay Attention To Me”. And when you least expect it, give some time to her and play with her.

But you have to know that if your cat attacks you for your attention, don’t give attention to your cat at that time, otherwise she will always attack you when she needs your attention.

Don’t reward her when she attacks. Make her realize that she had done wrong.


First of all check that is the cat is scared or not? If Yes, then just leave her alone for some small period of time.
Secondly if you notice that she is also angry then give her some her favourite toys to play. This wil distract her from all other things like scariness, anger etc and will make her happy and comfortable.
But after all this if these things doesn’t work give her something bigger or something new to play.

Often, loud noises can break their anger trance.

Leave the area in which the attack is taking place and actually feeling trapped only raises stress levels.

Isolate the cat in another room so they can have time out to relax.

What To Do When a Cat Attacks You:

Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking me?

There are some tips for you. If your cat attacks you, you should follow these tips.

  1. Don’t hit or kick your cat while she attacks you.

Beating, hitting, or. Kicking makes cats more aggressive and fearful.

The best thing to do is make a loud noise to stop her or throw something (at a wall) to change its attraction from you.

  1. Leave or change the location where your cat attacks you. If you can’t leave the location/area, let the cat leave.

This will reduce your cat’s stress level and make them normal. After stopping her from attacking, change the area to give some time to cat to relax.

  1. Try to use anything to save yourself from a cat attack. While she is attacking, use a pillow or anything to hide yourself from a cat attack.
  2. When a cat attacks, some people take their cat on land. That’s a bad action. This can make your cat more aggressive or the cat can cause any injury also.
  3. Think about why she attacks you, and try to avoid those things or behavior in which your cat attacks you.
  4. Don’t try to scare her.
  5. If the cat becomes aggressive, leave her alone for a few hours.
  6. If your cat constantly attacks you on a regular basis, then check your cat with a veterinarian.


Why Do My Cat Keep Attacking me?

If you’re scratched by your cat,

First of all, immediately, wash the area where the cat scratched you.

Washing the scratched area is important to avoid the risk of infection in that area,

Scarached areas can be infected because cats’ claws could heal the litter or fecal matter. Immediately as it could get infected due to the litter / fecal matter on their claws.


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If you’re bitten by your cat or by any other cat, immediately clean the wound and go for urgent treatment.

Actually, cat bites are extremely dangerous for humans/us, because they’re deep and harmful,

The cat’s mouth contains bacteria and they have bacteria in their mouth because it acts as a self-defense mechanism against predators.

Never ignore it if a cat bites you, because the bitten area can be infected and it can be danger for your health.

If a cat scratches, you wash the scratched area and use soap while washing.

However, don’t allow our cat to touch that area. If you see any symptoms of any disease or infection, immediately visit your doctor.


Giving punishment to a cat is not good. It can cause fear from the owner, anxiety, stress, or your cat will hate and ignore you.

Moreover, never give any type of punishment for attacking or for anything. Hunting is a natural habit in cats.