This is a difficult question: how long do cats sleep at night? It’s not easy to answer this question, but I will try my best to answer this question and other questions related to CAT SLEEP in this article.

How Long do Cats Sleep at Night?

how long do cats sleep at night?

Technically, cats sleep between 15 hours to 20 hours, and at maximum hours, cats sleep in the day and just a few hours. Cats sleep at night.

Mostly, cats awake at night and sleep in day.

No matter whether it’s day or night, cats will sleep as long as they are comfortable. All cats are different and have different sleeping patterns. No matter its night or day or whatever time it is, if a cat wants to sleep it will sleep.

The one thing that all cats have common is factors for sleeping, just like all of us / humans.

These factors include health, environment, age, and mood etc.

Moreover, no matter which cat or no matter matter what breed they are, all cats’ sleeping habits are very different and unique.

Cats sleep at night?

Some cats sleep at night and some cats sleep in the day, but mostly cats wake up all night and sleep in the day. Because night is the best time for cats to hunt and, as you know, cats are natural hunters.

Cats awake early in the morning?

Moreover, most young cats awake in the early morning and they feel bored and hungry.

That’s why sometimes, early morning cats go to their owner and demand food.


Cats’ sleeping behaviour depends upon different factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

  1. A healthy cat will sleep whatever time they want to sleep and as long as they are comfortable, feel safe, and not hungry.
  2. Cats’ sleep depends on the personality of the cat and the house environment.
  3. Mostly, cats like to sleep in the dark. Feral cats, due to their fear of humans, will hide out somewhere and in the dark, they will sleep there. So nobody can see them and at night when humans are not around or sleeping, these cats come out for hunting.

Total Hours A Cat Sleep:

Generally, cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day, and normally, cats sleep 16 hours a day.

Mostly, cats increase their sleeping timings. As they grow, their sleeping time increases.



Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet In Bed?

Cats sleep a lot because they need extra sleep, so they can conserve energy for their hunting activities.

such as: Chasing, Hunting, Talking, Jumping, Climbing, pouncing, and Running etc.

As you know, cats are natural hunters.

There is also another important reason, that cats sleep a lot because of their boredom or mental health reasons.


When a cat wants to take a nap, no matter whether it’s day or night, the cat will take a catnap at any time.

If your cat sleeps for a short time, it’s called catnap.

Generally, cats sleep a lot in the day, and then they are active overnight.

As you know, cats are natural hunters and their brain and body are made to have them hunting mostly at night, and their eyes also work better at night, even cats can see very well in very low light.


necessary sleep at night for cats?

As in the above article, I have mentioned that mostly cats sleep in the day and awake overnight. An average cat needs 15-16 hours of sleep in a day.

15 hours of sleep is necessary for a cat.

Moreover, if your cat is sleeping 15 hours a day, then it’s good for your cat.

But if you are worried because your suddenly sleeping more than usual or less than usual, don’t delay, the better option is to take your cat to the vet and discuss this issue with the vet.


Generally, 25 percent of the sleeping time of cats is spent in very deep sleep. Some older cats sleep very deeply, about 40 percent of their sleeping time.

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Cats awake quickly:


If you notice that your cat’s sleeping habits are changing, the best option or a good idea is to have them checked over by your veterinarian.

If your cat starts sleeping much much less than before, it could be a signal to you that your cat is in pain, having any other issue, or is even stressed or depressed.

Cats like being pet while they are sleeping?

When cats are busy doing something, eating, drinking, sleeping or playing etc. They hate being touched while they are busy.

Moreover, if cats are hiding, they hate it if someone focuses on them or touches them.

So don’t pet your cat while its busy in something or sleeping.


For sleeping, cats crave warm and cozy spots.

So, if your cat finds your bed comfortable, they will likely to sleep on your bed. For sleeping, cats want a secure place. If your cat sleeps with you, it means your cat feels safe with you. Sometimes, cats sleep in the upper area, because in the upper area, cats feel secure.