When Do Kittens Start Eating Food And Drinking Water?

When you have a cutie pie kitten in your family, then an important question will be in your mind is when do kittens start eating food and drinking water? So, after reading the article you will get great knowledge about your kitten’s life.

When Do Kittens Start Eating Food And Drinking Water?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

Your kittens will start taking small foods and a little bit of water around three to four weeks of their age. Sometimes, instead of eating food, kittens start playing with food and food bowls. But don’t worry about the passage of time. They will understand everything and this habit will end.

When Kitten Leaves Mother’s Milk

Mother’s milk for kittens is very, very beneficial and healthy, but sometimes, for any reason, you feed them milk with a bottle.

At the age of six to ten weeks, your kitten will stop mother’s milk but there’s no exact age for that.

When Kittens Start Playing

Playing for kittens is also very important and, approximately from three to four weeks of age, they start playing

Kitten Growth Changes and Adoptions

With the passage of time, when kittens are two weeks old, they start getting awareness of their surroundings, and their siblings.

However there most of time will pass while sleeping, and then their ears will start unfolding, and they will start playing a little bit.

In two weeks or after two weeks, the kittens open their eyes. Now their sense of smell has started developing and they will react to different smells.

However, their eye color will be blue, as all kittens have a blue eye color and with the passing of time, they grow up, then their eye color changes to a permanent one, like golden, copper, silver, and green etc.

After getting all the information about when kittens start eating food and drinking water? You should know the basic care of kittens.

Basic Care of Kittens

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First of all, take your kitten to the vet and get started with vaccinations and routine health check-up of your kitten.

Your vet will advise you regarding basic health care and basic care of your kitten and he will also give you a vaccination schedule or chart.

Basic Aspects of Kitten Care

Actually, kitten care is a very large ropic but some of basic and very important aspects of kittens care are as under.

1. Bedspace

Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet In Bed?

Providing your kitten’s bedspace has an important role in your kitten’s life. You should provide her with a comfortable, dry and, most importantly, safe bed.

Sometimes your kittens will demand to sleep with you on your bed, but be careful and don’t allow her to adopt any bad habits, because doing something regularly will make her habits.

2. Litter Tray

Always provide your kitten with a litter tray to make it a habit of using the litter tray, put it in a private area, and it should be easy to reach for your kitten.

3. Grooming & Maintenance

Weather your cat has long hair or short shorthair brushing has an important role in their grooming.

At an early age, start grooming your kitten so it will be enjoyable for her and later, when she has grown from kitten to cat, at that time, it will be easier to groom her and it will be part of her routine care.

Sometimes kittens don’t allow you to groom them, so, while grooming, give her some treats like rewards, then she will be happy and allow you to groom her.

This will create a positive vibe and will be easier for both of you.

Grooming and maintenance removes dead skin, dead skin, loose hair, and tangles. Grooming prevents tangles and matting.

Bathing isn’t essential every time while grooming your cat. Most cats don’t like bathing, so it’s better to ask your vet for bathing your cat.

Be Careful While Grooming

Be careful while grooming and maintenance, because it should be comfortable and enjoyable for your kitten/cat, otherwise she will never allow you to groom her.

Always avoid hair jerking and hair pulling because it will put her in pain.

Use safety scissors and never touch or hurt her with the scissor, and keep the scissor far away from her skin.

Before starting or doing your cat’s grooming, you should learn how to groom your cat for safe grooming.

4. Play time for kittens

playtime for kittens

The best way to create a bond between you and your cute kitten is playing. Playing has an important role in creating a bond between you and your kitten.

You have to bring different types of cat toys for your kitten and you also have to spend time while playing with her.

Play different games with your kitten so she doesn’t get bored. Also, give her tasty food treats while playing, which will make her happier while playing.

Kittens Training at home

You can train your kitten at home. It’s not too easy, but not too difficult.

Tell your cat to do any desired behavior, like to stop, sit, go etc. When she does the same behavior, give her treats. Then repeat the action again and again, then after a few times take some break, then start again repeating the same thing. You can’t teach your kitten or cat any behavior in a day, but regular teaching will make your kitten trained on your commands.

Don’t force your cat to do anything, because this will make her aggressive. You have to be polite and playful with the kitten. If you see your kitten is not in the mood to learn, just give her space and time. After some time, you can start your training again.

After reading the article now, I am sure you know very well about when do kittens start eating food and drinking water? and also the basic care of kittens. If you have any queries, you can comment below.