Why Does My Cat Wait For Me Outside The Bathroom? -(7 EXACT REASONS)

If you are a cat parent, then you know that the cat follows its owner everywhere. Most felines follow their owner to the bathroom and the owners are worried about why does my cat wait for me outside the bathroom?

Does your cat also follow you when you go to the bathroom?

Do you know the reason Why Your Cat Waits For You Outside The Bathroom? So to find out this, read the following.

Why Does My Cat Wait For Me Outside The Bathroom?

Actually, cats are curious and anxious about their owners.

A cat loves to follow its owner everywhere he goes. There are a lot of reasons why does our cats wait for us outside the bathroom, just like the bathroom is a different place for her, she is hungry, or she wants to spend time with you etc.


Why Does My Cat Wait For Me Outside The Bathroom?

There are a lot of reasons. Why does my cat wait for me outside the bathroom?

Some of the reasons are as follows:

Your Cat Enjoys Your Company.

Cats love their humans. They enjoy and love the company of human beings.

A cat enjoys spending time with its owner.

That’s the reason she follows her favorite person everywhere. To spend time with you and to enjoy your company, she follows where you go and that’s why she wait for you outside the bathroom.

Cats Smells Places:

Cats love to explore the world and they explore and recognize through smell as their sense of smell is the best. Cats love to smell, so the cats recognize us, food, water, their prey, house and other things through their smells.

The cat’s sense of smell is extremely great.

In the bathroom, there are toilets, and showers, etc. And they have smells. Cats smell these things, and want to explore the place.

Cats smell the places where you go. When you go to the bathroom, she comes with you to smell the bathroom.

Cats Are Unsafe:

When a cat feels unsafe or dangerous to predators, she follows you everywhere to be with you.

The other reason that follows and wait outside the bathroom for you is because she trusts in you and she feels safe with you.

Moreover, you are a source of security for her.

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

When she follows you or walks with you to the bathroom, she feels safe, but when you close the door of the bathroom, she becomes a little bit scared.

Cat Is Hungry

When the cat is following you around the bathroom and waiting for you, maybe she is hungry, because when the cat is hungry, she will follow you everywhere and make meowing sounds also. It means she is hungry.

Cats want small meals throughout the whole day.

Notice your cat if she is following you everywhere, walking around her food bowl and meowing. It means she needs food.

Discuss with your vet and make a diet routine for her.

Why Do Cats Like To Throw Things On The Floor?

Don’t give too much food to her, because giving too much food can lead to health problems.

Cat is Sick:

Cats can’t communicate or can’t express their feelings through facial expressions. They communicate with us and they show their feelings through their actions and behavior.

They say through their body language. If she is ill or not feeling well, she may tell you with her body language.

This includes following us everywhere, and following and waiting outside the bathroom also.

Your Cat Love You:

Cat loves her favorite person. Cat has different ways to show her love for us.

Following us and waiting for us outside the bathroom is also a way of showing love and care for us.

If your cat wait for you outside the bathroom, it’s a sign of the cat’s love.

Cat shows their love for us in different ways, such as she follows us everywhere, she will sit with us or sit on our lap, sleep with us, and wait for us. This also means she is demanding our attention.

Moreover, cats have a special bond with their favorite person.

Cats Always Want To Be With Their Human Care takers:

Does Cats Have Good Memory?

Cat wants to be with you always. That’s why she follows you and wait for you outside the bathroom.

We fulfill all our cat’s needs, we provide her facilities, and we take care of them. That’s why she always wants to be with us.

If you leave her alone in the house, she will think you left her forever and she could have stress.

If their favorite person leaves them, she will also have separation anxiety.

So, as your cat wants to be with you, you should also spend as much time as you can spend with her.

Sometimes, when we go to the bathroom and lock the door, cats think and become anxious about us that we will not come again.


Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

She follows you everywhere because your feline loves you, she wants your attention, your time, she wants to play with you, she is unsafe, or she wants to share her feelings with you.

Sometimes they follow us because they like to rub their faces on our bodies or they want to sit on our lap.

My Cat Follows Me Everywhere. Is this behavior normal for a cat?

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Yes, following you everywhere is completely normal and common behavior of a cat.

Mostly, cats follow step by step to their owner with it’s a way of showing love and showing trust in us.

What Does This Behavior Means If A Cat Follows You And Meows?

If a cat follows you and meows, it means she wants your attention or she is hungry. Cats want proper attention from their owner.

If she follows you and meows, you should play with her, and give time to her.

Or you should give her an activity to do and to stay busy with that.


Why do Cats Unroll And Play With Toilet Paper?

Cats unroll and play with toilet paper because this satisfies her. Unrolling paper satisfies their natural hunting instincts. However, cats are natural hunters.

If a cat unrolls toilet paper and hunts it or scratches it, it means she considers toilet paper her prey.


In the end, we hope you are well aware of why does my cat wait for me outside the bathroom? After reading the 7 Reasons we are sure that now your all doubts are clear.

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