Why Do Cats Like To Throw Things On The Floor? – (7 Reasons)

It’s common for cats that they throw things on the floor, or they scratch on our furniture or on other household items.

Actually, this cat’s behavior irritates us, our valuable things are destroyed and we all don’t like this behavior of cat. Most people who own a cat don’t know that Why do cats like to throw things on the floor? What are the reasons for this behavior. Or how to stop cats from this behavior?

To find out all about this, read the following article.

Why Do Cats Like To Throw Things On The Floor?

Cats usually go through things on the floor due to their hunting instincts. Cats have hunting instincts, they are natural hunters.

Sometimes they do this, because she is feeling bored. Through things on the floor is a type of activity for them.


Why Do Cats Like To Throw Things On The Floor?

If your cat chews non-food items, such as furniture, wires, plants, plastic items, or plastic bags etc, stop your cat from this, because it’s dangerous for cat health. By giving training or by teaching them what to eat and what to not, you can easily stop your cat’s destroying behavior.


Sometimes our cats start destroying everything. This happens because you don’t give proper attention and importance to your cat.

When a cat doesn’t get in a supportive environment, she gets bored and she starts destroying everything,

It’s also called destructive behavior.

Such as, if your cat doesn’t have enough activities to do and to stay busy in those activities, then she starts destroying everything.

What To Do If A Cat Adops Destructive Behavior?

If a cat adopts destructive behaviour and you want to stop her from destroying everything, then you should spend time with your cat on a regular basis,

You should take out some time from your busy routine and play with your cat, talk with her, and do different activities with her, and provide a variety of toys for her, so she will stay busy and she will stop destroying everything.

If this doesn’t work, discuss it with your vet.


Why Do Cats Like To Throw Things On The Floor?

There are a lot of reasons why cats throw things on the floor.

Some of these reasons are as follows:

  1. Your Cat needs your attention.
  2. Cat is feeling bored.
  3. Cat wants to utilize her energy to do any activity.
  4. Cat is doing this for fun. Cats enjoy throwing things on the floor.
  5. Cats are playful by nature.
  6. Cats are natural hunters. And they have hunting instincts.

There are some ways to stop your cat from throwing everything on the floor. The following are some ways of following these. You can stop your cat from throwing things on the floor,

1. Scratching Posts:

Get scratching posts for your cat, and place them where she scratches a lot.

Moreover, if you want to purchase a scratching post, it’s better to get a scratching post. Its face looks like that thing where your cat scratched.

For example, if your cat scratches on a carpet, then purchase a scratching post which is covered by a carpet and place it or lay it down on the floor where your cat scratches. Or if your cat scratches on window curtains, then get a vertical scratching post, and place it where your cat scratches.

Show your cat the place where you place her scratching post. Or try to teach her to scratch on scratching posts, if she wants to scratch.

If your cat scratches on a scratching post, then give her a reward for it.

2. Playing With A Cat:

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Mostly, cats throw things on the floor due to destructive behavior. To stop this, it’s good to play with her, so she stays busy and can’t get bored.

Moreover, there are a lot of other benefits to playing, such as cats have a lot of energy, sometimes it’s scratches or through things to utilize/use her energy, and she uses her energy in the wrong way.

When the cat plays, her energy will use in a good way,

Whether the cat throws things on the floor or not, it’s necessary to play regularly with your cat.

3. Cat Access To Items:

If your cat is throwing away valuable items, it’s good to hide all valuable items from her.

Block your cat’s access to things that she is throwing. Just give access to those things which she doesn’t broke/through.

4. Observe And Stop:

Cats don’t know what’s good and what’s bad, what’s good behavior and what’s bad behavior.

If you have time for your cat, it’s better to observe her behavior and stop her from her bad behavior such as throwing things on the floor or scratching valuable items.

For example: if your cat throws things from kitchen shelves, observe her when she goes to the kitchen, and if she tries to go through anything from shelves, immediately stop her from this,

Do this act for some time, and then when she goes through anything, she will remember that you stop her.

5. Give Her Toys:

Cats like to play with toys. Playing with toys is an activity. Give a variety of toys to your cat, so she has an activity to do.

Toys are the most important item for cats.

Cat owners can’t entertain cats 24/7. Cats must have something to play with.

Most of us give some toys to cats. The cats play with them, but after some time, cats stop playing with them, because they get bored with playing with those old toys daily,

First of all, give a lot of toys to your feline cat. Secondly, change or give her new toys after a few couple of days or weeks.

Whether a cat is throwing things on the floor, scratching on furniture or NOT, it’s necessary to give a lot of toys to your cat.

Even its kitty, adult cat, or older cat, all cats need toys to play with. Or you may have noticed if you have a kid, your cat playing with your kid’s toys, it indicates that your feline needs toys to play.

6. Give Your Cat Something:

Why Do Cats Like To Throw Things On The Floor?

When the cat gets bored, she finds her own way to do something. It’s also an attractive thing for a cat to watch things falling down on the floor from a higher spot.

Give her something to stay busy with. For example, you can give her a cat tree, cat furniture, climbing area, cat toys, or hiding spots etc.

There are a lot of other things which are better options to make her busy.

6. Consult From Your Vet:

If all your efforts don’t work, and your cat is throwing things, then you should consult with your veterinarian.

Tell your cat’s behavior to your vet, and the vet will guide you on what to do next. Your vet will do a proper check-up of your cat and will start proper treatment for this.

Why do Cats Knock Over Cups?

It’s common for cats that they knock over cups. There are some reasons behind this. One reason is that knocking over cups means she wants to play, she needs your attention towards her or they either want to play, want attention, or its because of her hunting instincts.