5 Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

Our feline friends communicate with us through their eyes also. 

When your furry friend looks at you, maybe they want to play with you, they’re hungry, or anything else. It’s up to you how you understand her. 

Moreover, the most common cat’s eye shapes are round, oval, and almond. Notice your cat’s eye shape and tell us in the comments. 

Have you ever noticed that cats also have slanted eyes? Do you know about the cats that come with slanted eyes? 

Whereas, cats also come with slanted eyes. Have you ever noticed this eye shape of cats?

In this article, you will learn about the cats that have Slanted Eyes. 

Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

Following are the names of cat breeds that come with Slanted eyes. They have different eye colors but they have slanted eyes. Read and enjoy. 

  1. Siamese Cat
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The Siamese cat is the cat breed that’s best known for its slanted eyes. They have an almond shape, blue and slanted eyes. 

However, they can see clearly as other cat breeds can see, just they have slanted eyes. 

Although, they are loving, loyal, and intelligent and they love to spend time with humans. They are perfect family pets. Moreover, they learn things quickly. If you want to teach something, you can teach them easily. Compared to other cat breeds, they have good learning skills. 

  1. Arabian Mau Cat
Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

Arabian Mau cat is another breed of cat that has slanted eyes. They’re best known for their long legs and large ears.

Whereas they have bright green eyes. Although, they’re independent, loyal, friendly, energetic, and playful. 

Additionally, they’re smart kitties and they are common for their appearance. 

  1. Korat Cat
Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

Korat cats also have slanted eyes. They’re expensive, and well known for their silver-tipped blue-grey coats. However, they have short hairs and they have a heart-shaped face. 

They’re alert and have delightful green-slanted eyes. That’s also another reason that makes her a very expressive pet.

Moreover, this cat likes to spend time with her human family, as well as they’re sociable and intelligent. 

  1. Oriental Shorthair Cat 
Cat Breeds With Slanted Eyes

If I talk about an Intelligent cat, who has friendly behavior, and is an excellent pet, I will recommend you Oriental shorthair cat. They also have slightly slanted eyes and the majority of these cats are in pure black color

Oriental shorthair is a domestic cat and you can find them in many homes. 

They extremely enjoy human company and they also play with kids. No doubt, their eye color and the shape of their eyes are unforgettable.

  1.  Abyssinian cat
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Abyssinian cats are known for their distinct physical features, like their eyes and body type. They have large, typically slanted eyes. 

The Abyssinian cat has a medium size and muscular body. Moreover, they have short and dense coats. 

What are slanted eyes in cats?

Slanted eyes in cats are a specific eye shape that has an almond-shaped appearance, it slants upwards to the outer corners. This eye shape is liked by many cat owners and they want a cat that has slanted eyes. 

Thus, cats with slanted eyes look a little unique. 


Do all cats have slanted eyes?

No, not all cats have slanted eyes. Some cat breeds have slanted eyes, such as Korat, Siamese, Oriental Shorthair, etc. However, usually, it depends on the breed, and many cat breeds have round or oval-shaped eyes.

Do cats have different eye shapes?

Yes, cats do have different eye shapes. But the basic structure of a cat’s eye is similar. Their eye shape, color, or size can be among different cat breeds.
The most common eye shapes seen in cats are:
Round eyes, Oval eyes, Slanted eyes, Round shape eyes, and Wide shape eyes.


Do you like cats that have slanted eyes? If yes then read the above article. I have discussed 5 cat breeds in this article that have slanted eyes. Almost all of them are common among humans. 

Remember, the eye shape of a cat is just one aspect of a cat’s overall appearance. The color, size, and position of the eye also have a big contribution to a cat’s overall look.

Tell us in the comments which cat you own and whether that cat has slanted eyes or not.