10 Cat Breeds with Long Noses

Have you ever seen any cat with a long nose? Or do you know which cat breeds have long noses? If you don’t know then you should read this article because today I will share the list of 10 cats with long noses. Just read and enjoy. 

Each cat breed has something unique about it, like eye color, nose size, the shape of ears, eye colors, tail, type of fur, etc. 

Following are 10 cat breeds discussed that have long noses. 

10 Cat Breeds with Long Noses

As I already told you, some cats have long noses. So, the following are the cat breeds mentioned that have long noses. 

1. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair cats have very long, thin noses. However, its body is similar to the Siamese cats but these cats have much shorter coats. 

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Whereas, the Oriental Shorthair was developed around the 1960s and it’s a new breed. 

Furthermore, the Oriental Shorthair is a domestic shorthaired cat, and it comes in different colors and patterns. Their most common coat color is black, however, you can also find them in other colors. 

Additionally, The Oriental Shorthair cats are active, intelligent, and friendly, they love to play and explore new things. 

2. Highlander Cats

The Highlander cats are also known as the Highland Lynx, it’s a new cat breed, they’re muscular and have powerful bodies, curled ears, long noses, and short tails.

cat breeds with long noses

They have not only long noses but also their noses are wide as well. 

They can be both long-haired or short-haired, it depends on their parents. Their main three coat types are mitted, color point, and bicolor. 

Furthermore, they need proper attention from their owners. 

3. Ragdoll Cats

cat breeds with long noses

Ragdolls are well-known for their blue eyes and they have a colorpoint coat that makes them more beautiful.

They also have long noses and their noses are cuter than others

This cat breed was developed in the 1960s and they are very affectionate. Moreover, these cats are common but are a little more expensive than other cat breeds.

4. The Savannah Cat

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The savannah cats also have long noses, and they have a little wild appearance they are famous for that. 

Furthermore, These cats have a tall appearance which many people love. 

Additionally, These cats love their owners but they don’t like strangers.

5. Balinese Cats

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The Balinese cats are known as a long-haired breed and usually, they have blue eyes. 

Although, a Balinese cat has a large and long nose, smooth body, large ears, and silky long coats.

Additionally, Balinese cats are friendly and playful.

6. Cornish Rex

cat breeds with long noses

Cornish Rex has large ears and they also have a long nose. Her nose looks slightly bent.

These cats are quite athletic and they need more space for playing and enjoying themselves.

However, as compared to other cats, the Cornish Rex coat isn’t that much good. 

7. American Curl

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They’re called American curls because of their ears which curl back from the face. They also have long noses. 

American curls are very affectionate and they love to play with cats and this makes them a family pet. Although they’re good at learning games, even they can learn how to play fetch, if you teach them. 

Moreover, they’re very intelligent. 

8. Abyssinian

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Abyssinian has a gorgeous long nose and it looks pretty. It has a tabby coat that has individual hairs banded in various colors. However, this is a striking feature of Abyssinian. 

Moreover, these cats love to play, they follow their owners in the house and want to play with them. 

9. The Moggy Cat

Moggy is a British slang word for a cat and it doesn’t have a pedigree. However, it’s also known as “Moggie”. Whereas some people believe that the term Moggie originated from the M marking that is on their forehead.

cat breeds with long noses

Fortunately, it’s easy to find moggies and Moggies are a lot cheaper as compared to other cat breeds. 

Moreover, the good thing about Moggy cats is, these cats are in almost all shapes and sizes but they are known for their long noses. However, usually, these cats are friendly. 

10. Bengal

Bengal cats also have long noses but their noses are also large and puffy. However, they have a jungle look, as they also have a spotted coat that’s similar to a leopard.

smallest cat breed in the world

As you know cats are energetic but these cats are more active and more energetic. However, they are good in size also. 

Final Thoughts

No doubt, dogs are very loyal but cats’ behavior is more friendly as compared to dogs. However, if you’re interested in cats that have some unique physical appearance, such as a cat having a long nose. Then just go up and read the names of cat breeds that have long noses and pick one of the breeds that you like. 

In summary, the 10 cat breeds mentioned above that have long noses, are not only breed names, there are many more mentioned about them.