Can Cats Eat Starkist Tuna? The Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

Many cat owners may wonder if starkist tuna is safe for their cats or not. However, if you also don’t know about this then this article will be helpful for you. 

In this article, I will share some information related to a trending And commonly asked question topic, whether cats can consume starkist or not. So, I am gonna give you the exact answer to this question as well as I will share its benefits, harms, and much more.

Can Cats Eat Starkist Tuna Safely?

Cats can eat starkist tuna in small amounts and occasionally only. However, it’s not a good idea to give starkist tuna to them daily because starkist tuna develops dangerous bacteria if it’s not stored properly. 

However, you should only feed frozen or canned tuna to your felines, usually, it comes in a pouch or cans. This is because these products are less likely to develop dangerous bacteria. Remember, it’s not advisable to feed it regularly.

can cats eat tuna in oil

How much Starkist tuna is safe for Cats? 

The safe amount of starkist tuna for cats is just a nibble or two. The tuna should be plain and unflavored. It’s quite safe for most cats. Whereas you can give them as a treat, and it’s not a good idea to give them too much starkist tuna. 

Remember, tuna is a fish, and unfortunately many cats are allergic to it. Before feeding tuna to your furry friend make sure your cat isn’t allergic to tuna.

Do Cats Like StarKist Tuna?

It’s seen that most cats like to eat tuna in oil or water. Whether the cat’s like it or not depends on the individual choice of every cat. 

Moreover, Tuna is good in protein, whereas cats need protein to stay healthy and strong, but don’t forget too much of it can cause health issues for them.

If you want to know whether your cat likes starkist tuna or not, then give her a little of it. If she shows her interest in eating tuna, it means she likes it. In case, if she just ignores it then maybe she doesn’t like it or maybe she’s not hungry at that time. 

Do Cats Hate StarKist Tuna?

Usually, cat’s like starkist tuna but unfortunately, some cats are allergic to fish, so that’s why maybe those cats hate tuna as well. 

Of course, just like humans, cats also have different dietary preferences, that’s why we can’t say that cats hate starkist tuna. 

Therefore, It’s not necessary to feed starkist tuna to cats. However, they can easily live without eating starkist tuna.

Health Benefits (Pros) of StarKist Tuna for Cats:

can cats eat starkist tuna

Following are some Benefits (Pros) of starkist tuna for cats,

  1. Starkist tuna contains healthy vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for cats.
  1. High in omega-3 fatty acids.
  1. It’s also high in protein 
  1. StarKist canned tuna is considered a healthy snack for cats if eaten in moderation.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Feeding Starkist Tuna to Your Cats:

Following are some disadvantages of serving starkist tuna to cats,

  1. Tuna isn’t a complete and balanced diet for our cats.
  1. Tuna high in mercury can cause Mercury Poisoning in cats. 
  1. Thiamine Deficiency 
  1. Most cats are allergic to fish

Things You should know before feeding StarKist Tuna to Cat?

  • First, make sure your cat isn’t allergic to tuna. If she’s allergic to tuna then don’t feed her starkist tuna. 
  • The quantity depends a lot, it’s advisable to give tuna to cats in small quantities. Don’t serve her a whole can of tuna. 
  • Don’t mix additional ingredients in it, plain starkist tuna is a better choice for them. 
Can cats eat cornish hens

Can Cats Eat StarKist Tuna Pouches?

We wouldn’t advise you to give StarKist Tuna pouches to cats. Although, they may contain less of the necessary vitamins and minerals than canned tuna, as well as it doesn’t provide that many benefits. 

Feeding Tuna to Your Cat:

Keep in mind, don’t feed any food to your furry friend that you’re not sure whether it’s safe for her to eat or not.

Whereas fish allergies are the most common food allergy in cats. If your cat is also allergic to fish then don’t feed her fish or starkist tuna because it can lead her to serious health problems.

If you’re feeding tuna to your feline friend that’s high in Mercury levels then it’s extremely harmful to their health, even and can lead to kidney damage.

Usually, Tuna isn’t recommended for cats because it can be harmful to them, but canned tuna is less dangerous. In tiny amounts, you can feed it.

5 Precautions of Feeding Starkist Tuna To Your Cats:

There are some precautions you should take before feeding starkist tuna to your furry friend:

  1. First, we would advise you to stay away from tuna that’s high in mercury. The tuna which is high in mercury wouldn’t hurt us but unfortunately, it’s harmful to cats. 
  1. When it comes to cats, stay away from flavored tuna. The flavored tuna contains harmful ingredients such as garlic, oils, pepper, etc. Choose plain starkist tuna for your felines.
  1. Make sure your feline friend isn’t allergic to tuna, if she’s allergic to tuna then keep it away from her.
  1. Give them in small quantities and occasionally. Therefore, the amount of tuna depends on the type of cat, such as a larger cat, smaller cat, kitten, older cat, or adult cat. In addition, you can also discuss it with your vet.
  1. Don’t mix tuna with other things, like mayonnaise or ketchup, etc. Feed her starkist tuna straight out of the can. 
can cats eat starkist tuna

Related Questions

Is StarKist tuna for humans?

Yes, humans can eat starkist tuna safely. However, it’s a popular brand of starkist canned tuna and it’s used in making different dishes such as tuna melts, tuna salad, casseroles, etc.

Therefore, Tuna is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein but always keep in mind you can only use tuna in moderation because of the risk of mercury contamination in it.

Can you give StarKist to cats?

Generally speaking, starkist tuna isn’t recommended for cats because it doesn’t have all the vitamins and minerals that are considered healthy for cats. Additionally, Starkist is a human brand and it’s not intended for cats.

What canned tuna is safe for cats?

First of all, tuna is not recommended for cats however you can give tuna to your cat occasionally as a treat and if you are using tuna for your cat as an occasional treat then canned tuna or fresh tuna is best for cats.
In addition, tuna has mercury in it which isn’t good for both humans and cats so it’s best to avoid sharing tuna with your cat especially don’t add salt or oil to tuna while giving it to your cat.

Is canned tuna in water OK for cats?

Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

Tuna in water is safe for cats as an occasional but keep in mind that cats can get addicted to tuna which can be harmful. Meanwhile, tuna doesn’t provide essential nutrients to your cats.


Feeding starkist tuna in larger quantities or daily can lead your cat to health issues. First thing, cats don’t need tuna in their diet but If you want to give it then It’s advisable to give it in moderation.

In summary, you can feed starkist canned tuna to your feline friend. Moreover, tuna is higher in mercury which is harmful to cats. Give them plain and unflavored can tuna.