Can Cats Eat Cake? Understanding the Risks

Have you ever experienced this? You have left some food on the table and your furry friend gets into it. Do you know? Can your cat eat cake, and what would happen if she had eaten it? 

In this article, I will tell you whether the cake is safe or not for cats to eat and if not safe what are the reasons.

Can Cats Eat Cake Safely?

can cats eat cake

It’s not recommended to serve cake to your cat because it contains a lot of sugar and fat, which isn’t good for cats. Additionally, most of the cakes contain chocolate, raisins, and nuts and unfortunately they’re toxic to cats. Even in small amounts, these ingredients are harmful to them. 

In addition, if you want to give cake to your cat then offer her small amounts of plain cake, occasionally, and make sure it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients, such as high amounts of sugar or fats or chocolate, etc. It should be plain and simple. 

Now, as you know, cake is harmful to cats but do you know what will happen to her if she eats cake? and what immediate action you should take at that time. Read the following to know. 

If Cat Eats Cake, What Will Happen To Her? 

If the cake your cat has eaten isn’t a chocolate cake, not an ice cream cake, or not a cake with raisins, then monitor her for any reaction. Usually, they are just fine, and won’t need to be taken to the vet.

In case, if your furry friend ate chocolate cake or a cake that contains extra ingredients that can be harmful to them then it’s better to take her to the vet immediately. 

To know about cats and cake icing, read this. 

Is Cake Icing or Frosting Safe For Cats To Eat? 

can cats eat cake icing

As cake icing or frosting is high in sugar and fat, that why it’s not recommended to give it to cats. While a very small piece of it won’t hurt your cat, the problem is, some cake icing is made from ingredients that are harmful to cats, such as artificial flavoring.

For this reason, it depends on the type of cake icing and what ingredients it contains. Even some cake icings contain chocolate hem which is toxic to cats. 

Hence, it’s better not to give cake icing to tour felines. 

What if a cat licks chocolate icing?

Chocolate or chocolate icing is not suitable for cats. It can make your cat sick. Usually, if a cat licks only a small amount of chocolate icing then she might be fine but because it’s harmful to them and also it’s related to the cat’s health that’s why it’s advisable to discuss it with your vet immediately. 

In a situation, if your cat has eaten chocolate icing in larger amounts then take her to the vet right away. Additionally, As you know chocolate icing is harmful to cats so keep it away from your feline friend. 

As you know, cats can’t eat cake but what about cheesecake? Read the following to know,

Can Cats Have Chocolate Cake or Fudge? 

Can Cats Eat Fudge

Cats can’t have chocolate cake or fudge because chocolate is extremely harmful to them, as a chocolate cake is full of sugar and fat, and these two things are not good for cats. 

Furthermore, the cat’s digestive system can’t handle these types of cakes and even a small amount of chocolate cake can lead to serious health issues. 

Can Cats Have Cheesecake?

It’s not recommended to share cheesecake with cats. Therefore, the primary ingredient of cheesecake is cheese and cheese is not good for cats and it may also cause digestive issues or other health problems. But again, if you want then just share a little of it with her but it’s not advisable. 

Generally speaking, sugars and dairy products are not good for cats because the majority of cats are lactose intolerant. Moreover, cheesecake is high-fat content and can lead to obesity and pancreatitis in cats. 

Take care of your cat’s diet and if she has eaten cheesecake in large quantities then take her to the vet right away. 

Can cats eat fruit cake?

You shouldn’t give fruit cake to your feline friend because the ingredients in it are not suitable for cats and can lead the cat to several health problems. 

Moreover, whether it’s a fruit cake or any other cake isn’t recommended for them. 

Do you know, it’s not recommended to share a chocolate cake with cats? If you want to know the actual reason, read this. 

Why Chocolate Cake is Harmful to Cats?

Whereas cakes that are flavored with chocolate are not good for cats. Chocolate contains a compound that’s called theobromine, and it’s toxic to cats as well as to dogs. Even if she had consumed a small amount of chocolate, it might lead her to health issues, such as vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, restlessness, increase in heart rate, and even death in some cases

That’s why chocolate cake is harmful to cats. No doubt there are different types of chocolate used in cakes but almost all of them are bad for the cat’s health. If you’re eating chocolate or a chocolate cake, don’t share it with your feline friend.

Furthermore, dark chocolate is extremely harmful to cats. So keep it away from your furry friend. 

What Is the Worst Kind of Cake for Cats?

What is the most common cat breed

Therefore, the worst kind of cake for cats is chocolate cake. Even Though, a small amount of chocolate cake or any other product having chocolate is toxic to cats.

Moreover, cakes have harmful ingredients for cats so it’s best to avoid sharing cakes, cookies, and donuts with your cat.


What happens if a cat licks sugar?

Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?

In case a cat licks sugar, or if she’s consuming sugar in larger amounts then she can have obesity, diabetes, dental issues, digestive issues, and weight gain. 

Can cats eat a little bit of chocolate cake?

Even a little piece of chocolate cake is too much for a cat. As you know there are different types of chocolate cakes but none of them is safe for cats.

Can cats eat birthday cake?

No, cats shouldn’t eat birthday cake because it’s high in sugar, fat, calories, and other ingredients that could be harmful to your feline’s health and can make your cat sick.

Can cats taste sweets?

Can Cats Eat Sugar

Cats aren’t able to taste sweet. They lack the sweet taste receptor. Although, sweet things aren’t good for cats’ health. It’s best to not share sweet things with your furry friend.


While the cake isn’t beneficial for cats as well as the high amount of sugar and fat in it is harmful to the cat’s health. Furthermore, most of the cakes contain chocolate, raisins, and nuts, unfortunately, they’re toxic to them. 

In addition, if there’s any special occasion such as it’s your furry friend’s birthday and you want to get a cake for her, then go for a simple, plain cake and make sure that cake shouldn’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to cats, like chocolate.

Moreover, giving your cat a diet that is high in sugar and fat can lead her to obesity, diabetes, and other serious health issues. This is why cats shouldn’t eat cakes.