25 Jobs That Pay $100 per Hour

Several jobs pay good money, and some even pay $100 or more an hour. The types of jobs that pay this much per hour vary greatly and include side jobs, freelance jobs and more traditional careers. In this article, we explore the most common types of jobs that pay $100 per hour or more and 25 jobs you can look into that offer this type of income.

What kinds of jobs pay $100 an hour?

There are several types of jobs that pay $100 or more an hour. These jobs range from freelance positions, side jobs and more traditional careers like doctors and physician’s assistants. Freelance and side jobs tend to offer the most flexibility in terms of how much money is made per hour, as most individuals can set their own prices.

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25 jobs that pay $100 an hour

The following are several jobs that pay a least $100 an hour:

Side jobs

A side job is a job that’s done in a person’s free time outside of their daytime career. There are several side jobs that pay $100 or more an hour, including:

1. Massage therapist

National average salary: $43,078

Primary duties: Massage therapists provide various forms of massage therapy to patients to help alleviate pain and tension and provide relaxation. While massage therapists who work for companies often make less than $100 an hour, those who do this job on the side can often set their own rates to charge $100 or more an hour. This is especially true if they travel to clients’ homes to perform their massages.

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2. Tutor

National average salary: $53,297

Primary duties: Tutors help students master a particular subject. Tutors typically make their own schedules and many work independently, allowing them to charge as much or more than $100 an hour. The more skilled a tutor is or the more in-demand the subject the tutor is, the more likely these professionals will make $100 or more an hour. For example, SAT tutors create SAT study plans, offer preparation materials for students to use when studying, monitor the progress of students and help students identify the most ideal study habits. They must have extensive SAT test preparatory experience and be familiar with several different tutoring techniques, making them an exceptional resource for SAT studying and mastery.

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3. Model

National average salary: $77,813 per year

Primary duties: Models are individuals who advertise, promote and demonstrate footwear, clothing and other products for a company. They may participate in fashion shows, trade shows, commercials, photoshoots and conventions or pose for painters and artists. More advanced and full-time models can make up to or more than $100 an hour.

Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs also offer a great opportunity to make $100 or more an hour. A few of the many freelance positions that have the potential for workers to make $100 an hour include:

1. Actor/actress

National average Salary: $18,704 per year

Primary Duties: Actors and actresses play roles in films, movies, television shows and commercials. They interpret the role and bring the role to life by conveying the character and expressing the appropriate emotions. Actors must memorize lines and collaborate with other actors to ensure a seamless performance. Many actors, especially full-time ones, make well over $100 an hour.

2. Health coach

National Average Salary: $35,859

Primary Duties: Health coaches help to create an environment that promotes employee health and wellness. Typical duties include creating and overseeing fitness and nutrition programs, creating wellness education programs within the workplace and implementing positive health behaviors. They also conduct behavioral health screenings and provide counseling services when necessary. Health coaches who have extensive experience or who work independently can make as much as $100 or more an hour.

3. Freelance photographer

National Average Salary: $41,138 per year

Primary Duties: Freelance photographers plan photoshoots, set up times and places for photoshoots, use various photographic technology and equipment to take pictures and edit photos for clients. They may specialize in a particular area, such as weddings or maternity photographer, or act as general photographers. Many freelance photographers make $100 an hour or more, especially those with extensive experience and a good reputation.

4. Freelance designer

National Average Salary: $60,521

Primary Duties: Freelance designers help to develop visual concepts, create visual assets for marketing campaigns, print materials and websites and work with art directors and copywriters. They also work directly with clients to develop illustrations and images for them based on their preferences and needs. Freelance designers can set their own prices and make as much as $100 an hour for jobs.

5. Interior designer

National Average Salary: $61,002 per year

Primary Duties: Interior designers create and design interior spaces that are aligned with their client’s needs and preferences. Common duties of an interior designer include selecting decorative items, choosing furniture, selecting lighting and colors and understanding blueprints and codes. Freelance interior designers often make $100 or more an hour.

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6. Tattoo artist

National Average Salary: $63,506 per year

Primary Duties: A tattoo artist is a type of artist who specializes in tattooing. They are responsible for designing and drawing up tattoo designs per clients’ requests, performing custom tattoo work and using needles and ink to apply tattoos to a client’s body. Many tattoo artists who work on a freelance basis make at least $100 an hour.

7. Consultant

National Average Salary: $68,528 per year

Primary Duties: A consultant is a professional who researches organizations to better understand how they function so they can offer advice and guidance on how the company can improve. Common duties include interviews employees, shareholders and management, devising strategies to increase productivity and success and help businesses set attainable goals to reach their full potential. Consultants who work on a freelance basis often charge $100 or more an hour.

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8. Freelance videographer

National Average Salary: $76,724 per year

Primary Duties: A videographer is an artistic professional who records events and productions. Common areas of expertise for videographers include weddings, short films, documentaries, commercials and training videos. They use various videography equipment, plan the video shoot, oversee other videography staff and edit the video once filming is complete. Freelance videographers can set their own rates and often make $100 or more an hour for projects.

Traditional jobs

There are a number of traditional jobs that pay $100 or more an hour. A few of these jobs include:

1. Mental health professional

National Average Salary: $46,240 per year

Primary Duties: Mental health professionals provide treatment and diagnosis of mental health conditions in individuals. They develop plans to help clients recover and cope with mental health conditions and monitor patient progress. These professionals can make $100 or more an hour, especially when they have their own practices.

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2. Film and TV producers

National Average Salary: $60,052 per year

Primary Duties: Film and TV producers are responsible for directing video, television and film productions to be published and distributed to the public. These professionals are responsible for the set design, choreography, choice of actors and creative decisions related to the creation of a film or TV show. Film and TV producers can make well over $100 an hour, especially if they work on well-known TV shows or movies.

3. Solutions architect

National Average Salary: $112,690 per year

Primary Duties: A solutions architect is a professional who is in charge of developing software solution architecture and providing strategic direction during the development process. They also modify and create systems architecture to support the needs and efficiency of an organization. More experienced solutions architects can make $100 an hour or more.

4. Political scientist

National Average Salary: $122,220 per year

Primary Duties: Political scientists are responsible for studying the development, origin and operation of political systems. They spend much of their time researching politics and assessing governments, political trends and policies. These professionals can earn $100 or more an hour the more experienced they become.

5. Chief information officer

National Average Salary: $129,948 per year

Primary Duties: Chief information officers (CIO) are responsible for an organization’s information technology (IT) and other technology-related systems. Common duties of CIOs include analyzing current systems and processes, recommending new software to improve efficiency and overseeing an IT team within an organization. While the starting salary is around $100,000 per year, CIOs can make well over $100 an hour.

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6. Software engineering manager

National Average Salary: $150,786 per year

Primary Duties: Software engineer managers oversee the development and design of software applications. They manage the work of engineers on their team to ensure best practices are used and that the software development process is successful. Many software engineering managers make $100 an hour or more.

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7. Chief data officer

National Average Salary: $193,850 per year

Primary Duties: Chief data officers (CDO) are responsible for managing the collection and storage of data for an organization. Common duties include ensuring data quality, creating data strategies and assessing data to make insights to support the success of a company.

8. Psychiatrist

National Average Salary: $218,244 per year

Primary Duties: Psychiatrists are medical doctors who diagnose and treat people with emotional, mental and behavioral disorders. They prescribe medication, perform psychiatric evaluations, create patient treatment plans and evaluate patients to monitor progress.

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9. Medical director

National Average Salary: $223,270 per year

Primary Duties: Medical directors are doctors who are responsible for overseeing the performance, quality and output of medical professionals within a medical facility such as a hospital. They oversee staff meetings, approve and develop policies, sit on committees and provide medical leadership within their organization.

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10. Physician

National Average Salary: $224,110 per year

Primary Duties: Physicians are medical professionals who diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses, injuries and diseases. Common duties include examining and diagnosing patients, prescribing medications, assessing patient medical history and ordering and interpreting diagnostic testing.

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11. Orthodontist

National Average Salary: $232,499 per year

Primary Duties: Orthodontists are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing jaw and teeth issues. Common duties of an orthodontist include designing and using orthodontist tools to realign the jaws and teeth, adjust dental appliances, create and implement patient treatment plans and assess patient progress.

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12. Surgeon

National Average Salary: $247,540 per year

Primary Duties: Surgeons are medical doctors who are responsible for diagnosing and treating illness, disease and injuries in patients. They provide preoperative diagnoses and perform surgery to assist in the healing of patients. Surgeons may perform, minimally-invasive, invasive or non-invasive surgery using a variety of medical instruments and appliances.

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13. Endocrinologist

National Average Salary: $254,828 per year

Primary Duties: Endocrinologists are medical doctors who specialize in diseases, conditions and disorders that have to do with the endocrine system. They diagnose and treat patients with endocrine conditions and monitor their progress. Common areas in which an endocrinologist may assist patients include diabetes, infertility, hormonal disorders and hypothyroidism.

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14. Neonatologist

National Average Salary: $305,742 per year

Primary Duties: Neonatologists are medical doctors who provide treatment to newborns. They diagnose and treat medical conditions that newborns may suffer from, including birth defects, infections and breathing disorders. They also oversee the care and management of premature newborns. They are trained to deal with the most high-risk infants and perform surgery on newborns when necessary.

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15. Anesthesiologist

National Average Salary: $382,438 per year

Primary Duties: Anesthesiologists are medical professionals who evaluate, monitor and oversee patients before, during and after surgical procedures. They provide anesthesia when needed and offer critical care medicine and pain management solutions. They may also follow up with patients following surgery to ensure they are recovering properly from the anesthesia.