Can Cats Eat Candy? Is It Healthy for Them?

Cats are known for their eating habits and love for meat. However, it’s confusing for cat owners to wonder can cats eat candy and other human treats or not. 

Although candy looks like yummy treats for cats, it’s really important to know if it is safe for your feline friend or not.

No, candies aren’t safe for cats, and you should not share candy treats with your cat. Although the primary ingredient of candy treats is sugar, experts believe even cats should not taste the flavor of sugar.

In the further article, I discussed why cats should not eat candy treats, and what types of candies are safe for cats to consume.

Can Cats Eat Candy?

Generally speaking, candy isn’t toxic to cats. Cats can eat candies, but just a single piece of candy is enough for a cat occasionally. Significantly, your cat won’t react badly to a single candy, but still, candy is unsafe for cats.

Therefore, if a cat eats candy regularly, it can be extremely harmful and make your cat sick.

Is Candy Healthy for Cats

However, cats can eat candies technically, but it doesn’t mean that you can give candy to your cat. Even though candy isn’t a healthy treat for us, how can it be safe for cats? 

Moreover, humans need protein and carbohydrates both in their diet, and sugar in small quantities isn’t bad for us, but on the other hand, cats are obligate carnivores. They need a meat-based diet to survive, and sugar isn’t good for your furry friends

What if my cat eats sugar?

Can Cats Eat Sugar

Furthermore, if your cat eats a little sugar, it won’t hurt her. But, if your cat eats sugar in excessive quantities, then the cat can experience various health issues such as diabetes, diarrhea,  obesity, an increase in heart rate, an upset stomach, etc.

Hence, candy treats are neither healthy for cats, and you should not share candies with your cat.

Should I Feed My Cat Candy?

No, candy is unhealthy and unsafe for cats, so you should not feed candy to your cat. Significantly you are wondering if you can give one single candy to your cat.

So, you can give a single piece of candy to your cat. It won’t be that bad for the cat, but it’s a bad practice to share sweets, candies, and ice creams, with your cat because they can’t taste sweetness, so it’s meaningless to feed candy treats to your cats.

Additionally, feeding candy to your cat is similar to wasting candies. In easy words, giving candy to your cat will put her health at risk, so don’t share candy treats with your cats.

Can Cats Eat Candy Corn?

Can Cats Eat Candy corn

No cats shouldn’t eat Candy corn because it’s a sugar-based candy and it’s harmful to cats.

Additionally, if a cat eats candy corn, it can cause digestive problems, diarrhea, vomiting, and other health problems.

Therefore in the long term, candy corn can cause obesity, diabetes, and other serious health issues in cats.

So, it’s best to avoid sharing candy corn with your cat. You can give cat-friendly treats to your cat.

Can Cats Eat Sweets?

Unfortunately, cats should not eat sweets as they cannot digest sugar, and products made from sugar can be harmful to them.

Therefore a cat’s digestive system can digest protein and fat from the meat. On the other hand a cat’s digestive system cannot digest sugar and carbohydrates.

Why Can’t Cats Taste Sugar?

Cats don’t have taste buds that detect sugar because they don’t have sweetener receptors in their genes.

Therefore, many cat owners claim that their cats love to eat candy, ice cream, donuts, cookies, and other sweets, but in reality, a cat’s taste receptors don’t detect sugars. 

In addition, cats love to eat these sweet products because of their interesting shapes, and sometimes cats see their owners eating, so they also want to eat the same thing.

Is candy poisonous to cats 

Most candies are not poisonous to cats, but they are harmful to cats. Meanwhile, candies which contain xylitol, a sugar substitute, are toxic and poisonous to cats.

In addition, candies which contain chocolate are also toxic to cats, but in large quantities, because chocolate contains chemicals called theobromine and caffeine which are toxic to cats.

What Should I Feed My Cat Instead?

Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?

Always remember that Candy is unsafe and unhealthy for cats even though cats can’t taste the flavor of candy because they can’t taste sweetness as they don’t have taste buds for sweetness.

However, there are cat-friendly treats available in the market which are specifically made for cats, and you can give them to your feline friend so that they can enjoy the treats.

Moreover, cat treats are made from meat and flavors that a cat can taste and enjoy.

Furthermore, freeze-dried treats are the best treats for cats. It contains very few preservatives, so they are delicious in taste and are easily available in pet stores.

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What Should I Do If My Cat Ate Candy?

If your cat has eaten a single candy or in very small amounts, then there’s no need to be worried about it.

Significantly, a single candy won’t hurt your cat, but if your cat has eaten more than one candy, like two, three, or more, it can be very harmful to the cat in this condition. If you find your cat has eaten an excessive amount of candies, then you should call the vet for further treatment.

In addition, if you see your cat eating candy, even a single candy, it won’t be that much harmful but keep an eye on your cat to know whether she has eaten the wrapper of the candy or not. Therefore if you find your cat has eaten the candy wrapper, you should call the veterinarian immediately because it can cause serious health issues.

Related Questions 

What happens if my cat eats candy?

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However, if your cat eats candy or other sugary products, it can have several health issues like vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, etc.
Moreover, the symptoms can range from mild to severe. It depends upon the quantity of candy your cat has eaten. If your cat eats candies regularly, then in the long term, it can cause diabetes, weight gain, obesity, and other health issues.

Can my cat lick candy?

Candy should always be kept out of the reach of cats because these sugary treats can cause health issues in cats. Significantly if your cat licks a candy or eats a single candy, it won’t hurt the cat, but candies have no nutritional value for cats, so it’s best to avoid sharing candy with your furry friend.

Can cats lick caramel candy?

cat on table

Interestingly, the primary ingredients of caramel candy are sugar, salt, cream, butter, and water. However, except water, all these ingredients are harmful to cats. So, caramel candy can cause many health issues in cats. Hence it’s best to avoid giving caramel Candy to your cat.

In Summary 

At the end of the day, I would like to say that cats can’t eat candy safely, and as a responsible cat parent, you shouldn’t share Sugary products like candies, cookies, and donuts with your cat as it will always harm the felines.

All and all, candies are neither good for the cat’s health, but a single candy may not have a negative effect on the cat’s health.

In conclusion, never feed your cat sugary products like candies, and if you see your cat has eaten more than one or two candies then first of all, don’t panic and secondly, call the vet for further treatment.