Can Cats Eat Sugar?

Whenever I eat candies or other sweets, I notice my cat watching me curiously. So, I started wondering can cats eat sugar or not.

Therefore, after deep research and analysis, I got the answer, and here it is:

Cats cannot taste sugary products. Even though sugar will not hurt your cat instantly, you should not give it to your feline. Sugar can lead cats to various health issues. Hence, to play safe, give her as little sugar as possible.

However, let’s go forward to learn more about cats’ eating habits and their possibilities.

Can Cats Eat Sugar?

Interestingly, cats are genetically tasteless, which means cats can’t taste the sweetness of sugar.

Therefore, sometimes cats find sugar a pleasant taste because of its carbs, as most animals recognize carbohydrates.

However, pet cats (house cats) are mostly not interested in sweets. Moreover, many cat owners find their cats more interested in ice creams, but it’s unsafe.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Sugar?

Can Cats Eat Sugar

Cats won’t enjoy eating sugar because they can’t taste sweetness. However, if your furry friend eats sugar in very small amounts, but if your cat eats sugar in excessive quantities, it will negatively affect your cat.

Significantly, if your cat eats sugar in large amounts, it can lead your cat to several health issues and some of which are listed below.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Discomfort
  • Diabetes 
  • Weight gain 
  • Cavities

Hence, if your cat eats sugar in excessive amounts, then you should contact your vet immediately for further treatment.

Effects of Sugar on Cats

Sugar has negative effects on cats. However, cats are carnivores which means their primary requirement is meat.

Moreover, a cat’s body cannot digest or process sugar as the human body processes it. Therefore, if a cat ingests sugar, it can increase the risk of various health problems such as diabetes, dental problems, weight gain, etc.

Furthermore, if a cat ingests excessive amounts of sugar, it can be extremely harmful and make the cat restless with different health issues.

All in all, to keep your feline friend happy and healthy then, you should feed your cat a balanced nutritional diet with less sugar and high proteins.

Can Cats Digest Sugar?

No, cats can’t digest sugar as it’s ingestible by cats. Sugar is full of carbohydrates, and a cat doesn’t need carbs, although cats need protein in their regular diet. 

Therefore, cats don’t have glucokinase and crucial enzymes that help to digest the sugar in the body. Hence that’s why sugar is indigestible for cats.

Additionally,  there’s no benefit to giving sugar to your cat because, firstly, cats cannot taste the sweetness, and secondly, sugar has no nutritional value for cats.  So, it’s best to avoid sharing sweets and sugary products with your cat.

Why Can’t Cats Eat Sugar?

Why Do Cats Eat Food With Their Paws?

Unfortunately, cats can’t eat sugar because sugar harms cats, and if a cat consumes sugar, it may have several health issues.

1. Diabetes

Cats can also get diabetes like humans. However, if a cat consumes the sugar in high amounts, then it can be extremely harmful to cats.

Moreover, If a cat eats sugar or products having sugar regularly or in high amounts, then it can have a highly negative effect on the cat and may cause the cat to suffer from diabetes.

Even if a human being eats sugar or sweets regularly then, as a result, they can also have diabetes.

In addition, if your cat is diabetic, you must be very careful and keep your cat away from sugar and sweets otherwise, your cat’s condition may worsen.

2. Obesity

According to Vca hospitals, obesity can shorten the cat’s life, and overweight cats get into various diseases increasingly.

However, if a cat eats sugar, it can lead her to obesity, and obesity makes a cat’s life unhappy and unhealthy. 

Moreover, if a cat is overweight, then it will affect the quality of the cat’s life and lead to other health problems fastly.

In addition, overweight cats are always near health issues, including cost osteoarthritis, insulin resistance, hepatic lipidosis, a potentially fatal disease, etc.

3. Oral Problems

Significantly, if your cat eats sugar in high amounts, it may face oral problems, and it’s quite harmful to the cat’s oral health.

Some studies say sugar does not affect a cat’s oral problems, but on the other hand, most studies say sugar affects the oral health of cats, so in this case, it’s best to avoid giving sugar to your cat.

Is Sugar Harmful To Cats?

Will cats eat dog food

Usually, if the cat eats sugar in fewer amounts, it will not be harmful to the cat, but on the other hand, if a cat eats sugar or sweets in higher doses, it will hurt the cat.

In fact, sugar can be harmful to your cat if she consumes it in higher amounts. It can lead your cat to various health issues, including oral problems, obesity, diabetes, etc.

In conclusion, sugar is junk food, and it will harm your cat’s long-term health, so it’s best to keep sugar away from your cat’s diet.

Can Cats Have Processed Sugar?

Sugar is not harmful to cats until it’s consumed in large amounts. Even Though it’s not reliable for cats, even in processed form because the effect of sugar will be the same whether it is processed or not.

However, if your cat has eaten processed sugar, she may have diarrhea, discomfort, vomiting, etc.

Although, it depends on the amount of sugar your cat has consumed and also how sensitive your cat is.

Hence, if sugar is in any form, whether it’s processed or not, it will affect your cats’ health negatively.

Can Cats Get A Sugar Rush and Become Hyper?

Yes, cats can get a sugar rush and become hyper. However, a  nervous cat or sugar rush cat can suffer from high blood pressure, reaching from 300 to 00 mg.

Actually, cats don’t need carbs as sugar is full of carbohydrates and has no nutritional value.

Can Cats Get Addicted To Sugar?

Cats cannot get addicted to sugar as cats can’t taste sweetness, although cats don’t have sweet teeth like humans. So, when a cat doesn’t taste sugar, how can she get addicted to it? Hence a cat can’t get addicted to sugar.

Furthermore, cats are obligate carnivores, and they only need animal protein in their regular diet. Other products like sugar, cookies, and ice cream are unsafe for cats.

All in all, if a cat ingests sugar in excessive amounts, then it can cause health issues such as upset stomach, digestive problems, etc.

How to Prevent My Cat From Eating Treats Containing Sugar

Can Cats Eat Sugar

You can save your cat from various health issues which are because of the consumption of sugar. Therefore, it will help your cat to stay healthy and safe. 

5 ways to prevent your cat from eating treats containing sugar:

  1. Keep sugary items and treats with high sugar out of your cat’s reach.
  2. Never allow your cat to sit on the cooking counter and dining. Significantly it will make a distance between the cat and sugar treats.
  3. Don’t share table scraps with your cat.
  4. During occasions, keep an eye on your cat because many people are around, and there is a risk that any of your friends can give sugar treats to your cat.
  5. Keep cupboards locked with anti-cat locks. Mostly cats open cupboards and start eating human food.

Therefore, if your cat has eaten treats or human food such as cookies, chocolates, oreos, candies, containing sugar in higher amounts, then take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Additionally, if your furry friend has eaten human food containing more sugar, it can lead your cat to discomfort, upset stomach, and much more.

Note: The cats must have a veterinarian check-up if they eat something that’s not right for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cats Process Sugar?

Can cats eat cornish hens

Cats cannot digest sugar because they don’t have glucokinase in their liver, which is necessary to process sugar properties. Meanwhile, sugar is just tasteless food to cats because they can’t taste sweetness.

What Foods Should Cats Avoid?

You should always provide cat-friendly food to your cats. Although, some food that every cat should avoid are listed below:
Raw eggs
Omions and garlic
Raisins and grapes
Dairy Products
Raw Fish

How much sugar can a cat have?

Sugar isn’t good for the cat’s health. However, you can give 3% sugar in the cat’s daily meals. Moreover, this percentage should not increase from three percent, or sugar can harm your feline friend with different health issues.

Can cats eat candy?

No, don’t give candies to your cat, and always keep candy far away from your cat. Therefore, candy isn’t toxic to cats, but it has no benefits, and because of sugar, candy can be harmful to cats.

Can Cats Eat Cheese?

can cats eat cheese and onion crisps

Most cats are lactose intolerant, which means they cannot digest dairy products, including milk and cheese Can Cats Eat Babybel Cheese?. So, it’s best to avoid sharing cheese with your cat.


In small amounts, sugar is not harmful to cats, but in excessive amounts, sugar is dangerous and unhealthy for cats. Significantly, sugar can have a negative effect on cats.

So, Keep your feline friend far away from sugar and sweets; otherwise, it can put your cat’s health at risk.

Therefore, if a cat eats sugar regularly or in high amounts, hence it can cause obesity, diabetes, diarrhea, etc.

At the end of the day, I suggest you take care of your cat, and products like cookies, donuts, jello, ice cream, contain high sugar content, so don’t share these sugar products with your cat.