Can Cats Eat Oreos? Are Oreos toxic to Cats?

My kids love eating Oreos, and even my favorite snacks are Oreos. Whenever we are eating Oreos, I see my cat staring at me and demanding the biscuits, but until I’m not sure what’s right for my cat, I don’t take any risk to my cat’s health.

Therefore, I researched a lot and studied the facts and reasons about sharing Oreos with cats, and now I think, why not share this knowledge with you people? So, now without wasting your valuable time, let’s move to the answer.

No, cats cannot eat Oreos because of a few ingredients that are toxic to cats. Oreos contain cocoa powder and theobromine, which are harmful to cats. 

However, if your cat ate a small piece of Oreo, don’t worry. It will not harm your cat. Moreover, it can cause diabetes, diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, discomfort, increased heart rate etc.

Can cats eat Oreos?

No, cats cannot eat Oreos because of cocoa powder and theobromine. If your cat ate Oreos, it could lead her to serious illness.

Apparently, Oreos have high amounts of sugar and as we all know that cats are carnivores, and sugar is extremely harmful to them.

Additionally, if your cat ate only one oreo by mistake, it will not harm her, but you should take Oreos and other harmful products to cats, like donuts, jello, etc., out of the reach of your cat.

Possibly consumption of Oreos can cause vomiting, diarrhea, an increase in heart rate, restlessness, stomach upset, etc., in cats.

Are Oreos toxic to cats?

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Yes, because the cocoa powder in Oreos it’s toxic to cats. The amount of sugar, cream, chocolate, etc., all are harmful to cats. So any way you should never share Oreos with your cats.

Furthermore, cats have very sensitive stomachs that need ultra care, and it’s not hard to handle a cat. What you have to do is basic things about cats.

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Oreos?

Oreos contain sugars and cocoa powder which are toxic to cats. But the risk of toxicity is low if your cat eats just one or two cookies. 

However, if your cat eats just one or two oreo cookies, then there’s nothing to be worrying about. Moreover, there’s still a little chance of toxicity, so it’s best to keep an eye on your cat’s activities. If you see your cat dull or not eating anything, then you should contact your vet immediately.

Can Cats Eat Oreo Ice Cream?

Cats aren’t capable of digesting oreo ice cream, so don’t share oreo ice cream with your cat. If your cat eats Oreos ice cream, it will harm her in the worst way.

First of all, Oreos ice cream oreo cookies are toxic to cats. Secondly, most cats are lactose intolerant, so they can’t digest Oreos ice cream or other ice creams.

Can cats eat ice cream?

No, cats cannot eat ice cream. You are probably wondering why I said no, to sharing ice cream with your feline, but I had some valid reasons which will prove that ice cream is harmful to cats.

  • Oreos ice cream has zero nutritional value, and however if your cat eats it will cause a nutritional deficiency in your feline, which can lead her to heart disease,  bone diseases, arthritis, etc 
  • Cats cannot have sugars, and oreo ice cream and other ice creams have excessive amounts of sugar in them, resulting in digestive issues, diarrhea, vomiting, and sugar unfolding into dizziness which will later take the life of the cat also.
  • Primarily two main ingredients of ice cream are cream and sugar, and both of them are harmful to cats. However, chocolate is used in making most ice creams or artificial flavors which are toxic to cats.
  • What about sugar-free ice creams? Sugar-free ice creams have the sweetener xylitol in them, and it’s dangerous for every cat’s health.

Is Oreos Toxic To Cats?

Can Cats Eat Oreos

Essentially, Oreos aren’t toxic to cats. If your cat eats one Oreo anytime, it will not harm your cat, but whenever a cat consumes more than a single Oreo, it will hurt your cat because Oreo’s primary ingredient is Cocoa powder which is toxic to cats.

However, Oreos ingredients are unsafe for cats, and they can have several side effects on your feline’s health. 

Moreover, any product having sugar is harmful to cats, and even an excessive amount of sugar can have detrimental effects on humans too.

Furthermore, I studied different research on sharing Oreos with cats, but all of them say products having excessive amounts of sugar or cocoa powder are harmful and completely unsafe for cats.

Perhaps, if your cat has eaten an oreo dropped on the floor or eaten from anywhere else, if it’s a single (one) piece of oreo, then there’s nothing to be worrying about, but if your cat has eaten more Oreos, then you should call your vet for further treatment or guidance.

How Much Chocolate Is In An Oreo?

Oreos have a bit of chocolate with its main ingredient, cocoa powder. The amount of chocolate in an oreo is very least, but it has other elements that are not safe for cats.

However, the Main ingredients of Oreos are sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate, baking soda, palm oil, etc. Moreover, I mentioned these five ingredients as they badly affect the cat’s health.

These upper mentioned ingredients are harmful to cats but not humans because the human body can digest excessive amounts of these substances. On the other hand, our cuties, our felines (cats), have a sensitive stomachs.

Can Oreo Kill Cats?

No, Oreos will not kill cats until a cat has eaten excessive amounts of Oreos. Even if a cat has eaten three, four or more Oreos, it will harm your cat.

Oreos are not made up for cats or dogs. They are made up of humans. If you want to share oreo cookies with your feline, you can share one piece of oreo, or it’s better to give cat cookies to your cat, which are made for cats.

However, cats can’t taste sweetness, and they can demand sweet things because of their interesting circle shape, but in actuality, cats cannot taste sweetness.

Moreover, most cats don’t like any product having sugar in it. And it’s good to keep sugary products out of your cat’s reach.

Whereas products with sugar, including Oreos, can put cats with several diseases. The most prevalent diseases are high blood pressure, diarrhea, heart rate, restlessness, etc.

Hence, it means if a cat eats Oreos in excessive amounts, thus it can also take a cat’s life.

Also, put an eye on Are Donuts Bad For Cats? Can Cats Eat Donuts? 

Can Cats Eat Golden Oreos?

Can Cats Eat Oreos

Apparently, golden Oreos don’t have chocolate in them, and occasionally you can give one or two pieces of golden oreo to your cat.

In addition, you should know that any type of Oreo is not completely safe for cats, as golden Oreos also have artificial flavors and other unsafe ingredients.

At the end of the day, Oreos and other cookies have negative effect on a cat’s health. Even though golden Oreos are also unhealthy for cats, being a responsible and caring cat owner, it’s your responsibility to see your cat’s health first.

Related Questions

What can happen if my cats eat an Oreo?

Oreos contain harmful ingredients for cats, and if your cat eats an oreo, it can lead her to different health problems, including a cavity increase in heart rate, diabetes, stomach issues, high blood pressure, nutritional deficiency, etc.

Why chocolate is harmful to cats?

A Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which are toxic to cats. If chocolate is provided to the cat in high amounts, it can even take its life. Even though chocolate can be fatal.

What if my cat loves Oreos? Should I continue feeding them?

You should stop feeding Oreos to your cat as its ingredients are toxic to cats which means Oreos are also toxic to cats. Continuing feeding Oreos to cats can have extremely harmful effects on your cat.


The reason behind writing this article was to add some knowledge to your mind so that you can be well aware of the effects of sharing Oreos with your cat. 

Thus, Oreos are not safe for cats. You can give cookies to your cat, which are made for cats. But we should keep control of our feelings because our priority is to take care of our feline’s health.