Are donuts bad for cats? 3 Types of Donuts 

Likewise, it’s everybody’s favorite and especially Canadians are real donut lovers. As a cat owner every time you are eating donuts you think, can we share donuts with our feline, or are donuts bad for cats?

Yes, donuts are bad for cats because donuts have a lot of sugar and carbs, etc which are harmful to cats. Meanwhile, cats are carnivores and their body accepts only a small amount of sugar.

Not only donuts but all other sweets and sugary drinks are dangerous to every cat’s health. There are many types of donuts but all of them have harmful ingredients for cats.

Furthermore, we will discuss why and how are donuts bad for cats and what will happen if a cat eats a piece of a donut.

Can Cats Eat Glazed Donuts?

Are donuts bad for cats

No, cats cannot eat glazed donuts as they are unsafe for cats to eat. Although glazed donuts are less sugary than normal donuts it’s full of carbs and with almost no nutrients.

Cats don’t need carbohydrates and sugars, they need fat, protein, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, etc.

Probably, donuts can cause several issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and other stomach problems. 

Furthermore, just once and a very small piece of donut can be shared with your cat but it can be very risky, and if your cat has diabetes then never share donuts with her.

Are Donuts Bad For Cats?

Yes, for sure a full piece of donut is bad for a cat’s health because of the high sugars in it.

Additionally, it can not only be harmful to your cat but in some cases, donuts are toxic to cats. So, it’s best to avoid them.

Donuts are not a healthy food for cats and especially avoid giving chocolate donuts to your cat because it contains theobromine and caffeine which are harmful to a cat’s health. Therefore if a cat eats a chocolate donut it can lead to heart problems, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Additionally, a full donut will be harmful to your cat but one or two bites occasionally will not harm your cat. Although, continuously eating donuts or any kind of sweets can cause different health problems in cats including stomach problems, diabetes, and obese, etc.

Why does America have the highest number of obese cats?

According to a survey America has the highest number of obese and overweight cats which is 59.5% percent approximately and it’s because of not taking proper care of their cats. 

Now, coming to the point As we all know cats are carnivores and their body is made up to eat and digest meat easily. Moreover, many other food items including chocolates and donuts have an excessive amount of fiber and carbohydrates which are not good for cats and not a requirement of our felines.

  All in all, sugar products are harmful to cats in any way and if you are willing to share donuts with your cat so then you can share a little small piece of donut with your cat but not a whole one although it should not be a chocolate donut and probably it will be the best if the donut is handmade and again I will suggest not share products with your cats.

Can Cats Eat Krispy Kreme Donuts?

No, the flavor of the donut will not make it Ok for cats. Even Krispy Kreme donuts are harmful and indigestible for cats. However, Krispy Kreme mostly has glazed-on donuts which are super harmful to cats.

Moreover, glazed donuts have extra sugar than normal donuts so, it’s completely unsafe for cats to eat.

What Do I Do If My Cat Ate The Donut?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

If your cat ate just a bite of donut then there’s nothing to be worrying about. However, if your cat has eaten more than a bite of donut then you should call your vet immediately and he will handle the solution.

Cats cannot taste the sweetness

However, if your cat eats a donut and you are worrying about if your cat likes the taste or if she has a bad taste in her mouth. then here I will clear the confusion and tell you that cats cannot taste sweetness in any way.

Possibly your cat can ask for more donuts but it doesn’t mean that she likes the donuts taste although donuts have an interesting shape that can attract a cat towards it.

Why Do Cats Love Donuts If They Cannot Taste Them?

Donuts and many other sweet things contain a high amount of fat in them which attracts a cat towards it. Because it makes their tummy full quickly.

Furthermore, donuts can make your cat’s belly full but it doesn’t mean that they are safe for cats. Donuts are still unsafe and unhealthy for cats to eat. As they have many other ingredients that are not good for a cat’s health.

Are Donuts Toxic For Cats?

Yes, donuts are toxic to cats especially chocolate-flavored, raisins and cinnamon-flavored donuts are extremely toxic to cats.

Let’s quickly check the list of donuts that may be toxic for cats.

3 Donuts That Are Toxic For Cats

1. Cinnamon Donuts

Cinnamon is harmful to cats and if a cat eats cinnamon donuts then it can lead her to cinnamon toxicity and if by mistake your cat has eaten cinnamon donuts or any other donuts then you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Although, cinnamon contains coumarin which is medically a blood thinner. A tiny amount of cinnamon donuts or rolls will not be harmful to your cat but it doesn’t mean that you can share donuts with your cat. All in all, every donut is unsafe for cats.

2. Chocolate Donut

Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine in it and both of them are toxic to cats. Every donut, especially chocolate donuts have a great amount of chocolate which is toxic to cats.

Even if your cat eats chocolate in large quantities it can lead her to death.

3. Raisin Donut

Raisin is extremely harmful to cats. It can lead a cat to kidney failure and if a donut is having raisins in its ingredients then obviously the donut is harmful or maybe toxic to the cats.

Even a small amount of raisin donuts will make your cat get ill and if your cat has eaten raisin donuts even by mistake then you should call your vet for further treatment.

Will My Cat Die From Eating The Donut?

No, if your feline had eaten donuts she might vomit, feel discomfort, upset stomach, or diarrhea, etc can happen but she will not die from eating the donut.

Certainly, death can only happen if your cat eats a lot of donuts and in this situation, you should call the vet immediately.

In some conditions, donuts can be toxic to cats and cause serious illness. Likewise, Raisin donuts can be extremely harmful to cats. They can cause kidney failure in cats. 

In addition, chocolate donuts are also harmful to cats. They can cause serious illnesses including heart attack, diabetes, an increase in heart rate, diarrhea, etc.

All in all, you should avoid sharing donuts with your cat as they are unsafe, unhealthy, and can cause several health issues in cats.

Can cats eat dough?

Cooked or uncooked both doughs are unsafe for cats. The uncooked dough has carbohydrates and ethanol which are toxic to cats.

However, raw uncooked dough is completely unsafe for cats, it can have extremely harmful effects on cats it can also let a cat to alcohol poisoning or other serious health issues.

Can Cats Eat Munchkins?

Are donuts bad for cats

Absolutely not, cats cannot eat munchkins as well. They are full of sugars and it can never be Ok for your feline. If a cat eats a munchkin then you should take your cat to the vet.

However, munchkins are sweet, and as we all know sugar is harmful to cats in any way. Sugary products have high amounts of carbs and a cat’s body is unable to digest carbohydrates easily.

Moreover, eating or drinking any sugary products is completely unsafe for cats. Hence, any products having sweets will lead your cat to different health problems. So, always avoid sharing sweets with your cat.

Related Questions

Why is my cat obsessed with donuts?

Cats can be obsessed with donuts but they are unable to eat sweets including donuts. Although cats can be a obsessed with donuts because of the interesting circle shape as it attracts or sometimes when a cat see her owner eating something than she be obligated to eat it.

Can kittens eat a donut?

No, kittens cannot eat donuts as donuts are unsafe for cats and kittens both any age kitten or cat cannot eat donuts. consumption of donuts will lead your kitten to different health problems.

I want to give my cat some taste of donuts, what can I do?

You cannot give donuts to your cat as they are harmful to cats but if you want to share donuts with your feline then you can share a small little piece of donut with your cat but it should be homemade and almost without sugar at the end I will never recommend you to share donuts or any sweet products with your cat hence cats cannot taste sweetness.

Can cats eat powdered donuts?

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Powder donuts have more sugar than a general donut. You cannot share powdered donuts with your cat although it will have harmful effects on your cat.


In conclusion, a cat cannot taste sweetness but sweets are harmful to cats and kittens both. However, if you are willing to share a donut with your cat then you can share a little small piece of donut but it will never be good for your feline (cat).

Furthermore, any type of donut including raisin donuts, chocolate donuts, powdered donuts, etc is all harmful to cats as it will harm your cat’s health.

All in all, you should have proper knowledge about what’s good and what’s bad for your cat or you can ask your vet.