How Rare Are Brown Cats?

If you are planning to have a brown cat and want to know how rare are brown cats are. Therefore cats come in a huge variety of colors with different patterns.

However, some colors are rare than other colors. Moreover, we will discuss them in the following guide.

Yes, brown is extremely rare color in cats and it’s hard to find. As most of us have never seen pure brown cats in our surroundings. Only pure cat breeds have a chocolate brown color.

It’s All About Genetics

Usually, we see brown tabby cats in our surroundings but when we talk about cinnamon color or chocolate brown cats they are much harder to find.

Because the rarity of any color is always dependent upon genetics. However, some pure cat breeds have chocolate brown color. Moreover bown cats are have a genetic variant that reduces the black color pigmentation in the coat and as a result, the cat will have a pure brown color.

Are brown cats rare?

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Brown is the rarest color in cats. The fawn brown color variant is hard to find. Brown color cats are pure breeds and because of their rarity, they are much more expensive than other cats.

If you are thinking are brown cats rare? Then the answer is Yes, and there are recessive genetic codes that have different quantities of eumelanin with a cat’s primary genetics which causes the brown color.

Furthermore, these three cat breeds are the best example of pure breeds having a brown color.

  • Oriental  Shorthair
  • Havana brown
  • York Chocolate

Why are brown cats rare?

Brown color cats have a genetic variant that reduces black pigment and makes the color of the cat a true chocolate brown color. Apparently, Havana brown cats are the true example of brown cats.

7 Brown Color Cat Breeds 

  1. Havana Brown
Havana brown cat

In the list of the rarest cat breeds Havana brown is included and it’s a solid brown cat. Havana brown is the combination of Siamese and pure black domestic cats and later Russian blue.

However, it was a planned breeding that produced Havana brown in England in the 1950s. Moreover, It’s very hard to find out a pure Havana brown cat.

  1. Oriental Shorthair
how rare are brown cats

Oriental shorthair is a domestic cat breed and it’s a crossbreed between Siamese with other cats. It comes in a variety of different colors, patterns, and coats.

Therefore, oriental shorthair cats have triangular shape heads and almond-shaped eyes.

  1. York Chocolate

York Chocolate is a very rare and uncommon American breed. It’s vailable in different chocolate colors just as white chocolate, lavender, chocolate brown, bicolor chocolate, etc.

Additionally, york chocolate cats have a semi-long coats. It’s a very friendly cat breed and it lives almost 13 to 16 years.

  1. Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is a domestic cat breed. They are highly intelligent and loyal cats. Available in different colors like Dark brown, platinum, champagne, and blue.

All in all, Burmese cats are rounded cats which means they have rounded heads, rounded ears, eyes, and round feet.

  1. British Shorthair
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British shorthair is perfect for families having children. It has a huge variety of colors including brown, tabby, white, black and white, cream, pure white, etc.

Moreover, British shorthair cats have broad faces with dense coats and stocky bodies. It has different color variations that make it a brown cat.

  1. Persian Cat

Persian cats are pretty famous around the world. It has a long coat which is available in different colors. British shorthair has a large variety of colors like brown, white, black, black, silver, and comeo, etc.

Normally, Persian cats adjust very easily to our environment. They have vivid eyes, round chicks, and very soft coats.

  1. Devon Rex
how rare are brown cats

Devon Rex is known for their pure brown color. It’s available in rich chestnut brown, white, chocolate, black, and lilac. They are very playful and affectionate cats. They have higher learning skills.

However, devon rex has short hair with tall ears and it’s a medium size cat.


Do fully brown cats exist?

Yes, fully brown cats exist but they are very rare and expensive. All brown color shades are available in different breeds of cats. Apparently, the colors of any animal, including cats, are from genetic variations. Therefore, Havana brown cats are truly chocolate brown cats.

Is brown a rare cat color?

Brown color cats are extremely rare. Although, when there’s a genetic mutation that reduces black pigmentation in the color of the cat’s coat and as a result, a truly chocolate brown color cat is produced.

What is the rarest color of cat?

Interestingly, Albino is the rarest color of the cat. It’s an extremely rare cat with a population of only 2% around the globe. Albino has no color in her fur which makes her completely white.

In addition, albino cats have a pink shade on their skin and zero spots on the body


In conclusion, brown color is rare in cats and it’s because of genetics. Apparently it’s hard to find a chocolate brown cat but if you will try harder than you can have one.

Furthermore, not all but most brown cats are produced by planned breeding between different cats.