Will cats kill rats?

Do you have a lot of rats in your house and you want to end them all? Or do you want to raise both a cat and a pet rat in the house together?

These questions are different but their answers are the same. Read this article to know, will cats kill rats? 

Yes, cats kill rats. Cats and rats have a bad relationship from the start. Whenever a cat finds a rat, she will try to kill it and eat it. 

What is the best cat to kill rats?

Keep in mind, cats have natural hunting instincts. Almost all cats know how to kill rats and cats are best at killing rats. That’s why it’s difficult to tell which cat breed is best for killing rats.

Usually, if any cat finds a rat, inside or outside the house, she will kill it and mostly she will also eat it. 

If you have rats in your house and you’re thinking of getting a cat to kill them, It’s not a good idea to buy a cat for killing rats. There are many other ways to end up rats from the house, follow any of them. 

In any case, if you already get a cat for killing rats, no matter which cat you get, most probably she will kill rats. 

Is it safe for cats to catch rats?

Will cats kill rats

While catching a rat is a natural activity of cats. And when the cat catches the rat, she kills it and most probably she will eat it. 

Furthermore, domestic and wild, both cats kill and eat rats. Remember, if your cat eats rats, there’s also a chance of getting sick. In some cases, eating rats can be dangerous for your cat’s life because some rats, especially sewer rats, contain bacteria. 

Additionally, rats are small in size and have less energy than cats, that’s why the rat can’t injure the cat. 

Would a cat be friendly to a pet rat?

No, It’s not possible. Actually, from the start cats and rats have a bad reputation when it comes to living together. Truly, if they both will live together, the problem is, your cat could kill or injure your pet rat.

That’s why, it’s better not to take risks and select one pet to be in the house, whether you choose a rat or a cat.

Are rats scared of cats? 

Yes, rats are scared of cats. If you have a cat and also a pet rat, because the rat is scared of the cat, it can have mental issues. 

Eventhough, the scent of cats makes rats scared. If you have a cat and also have rats in your house, maybe you have also noticed how rats run away from cats and how cats attack and hunt rats. 

Can I adopt a rat and a cat?

However, It’s not a good idea to adopt both a rat and a cat but if you want to do this, then keep both of them separately. Moreover, let them live in different places or rooms, where they cannot meet with each other.

Remember, if you don’t keep them separately, your cat can injure or even kill the rat. 


Whenever a cat sees a rat, she will try her best to kill it. However, cats also have natural hunting instincts.

It’s not a good idea to get a cat to kill rats. If you’re thinking about adopting a cat to finish rats from your house, it’d be better if you try any other methods for this such as you can call pest control and they can help you fix your problem right away.

Moreover, cats and pet cats can’t live together, and it’s better to get one of them only. Keeping both of them together can be dangerous for your pet rat.

Hence, if you want to keep a cat and pet rat, then keep them separately otherwise your cat will kill it.