Will cats keep snakes away?

Do you have a cat? There are snakes in your area and you want to know will cats keep snakes away? If yes, this article will help you a lot. 

In this article, I will tell you whether, will your cat keep snakes away or not. 

There’s a big chance that your cat or cats will keep snakes away. If you have one or multiple cats, keep in mind they can keep a few snakes away but with the help of a cat, you can’t end all. 

That’s not your cat’s job, a job for pest control. 

How can I solve the snake issue? 

If your cat is killing snakes, keep in mind it’s not a permanent solution and it’s also dangerous for the cats. 

There are many other better methods to keep snakes away, such as:

  1. Remove food supplies.
  1. End or permanently close all hiding places.
  1. Utilize natural products that scare snakes.
  1. Hire a pest control team.
  1. Keep the grass short. 
  1. Search for the smells that snakes hate and use them around your house. 

Try these solutions to keep snakes away, and let me know which one of them works. Remember, never take risks or never leave your car or any other pet at risk

Should I let my cat hunt snakes?

Will cats keep snakes away

No, You should not let your cat chase and hunt snakes. Remember, there’s a chance that she will kill a snake but there’s also a big chance that a snake can injure your cat. 

Additionally, that’s why you shouldn’t let your cat hunt snakes and also try to keep your cat away from snakes if there are snakes in your area. Keep in mind, you never know when bad happens. That’s why to be alert. 

What happens if my cat goes out hunting snakes?

If your cat goes out hunting snakes, two things can happen. 

First, maybe your cat goes out and kills a couple of snakes and comes back and it will also solve your snake problem.

In the second case, maybe your cat goes out hunting snakes but unfortunately, those snakes attack her and injure her.  Remember, snakes aren’t a joke, take them seriously. Especially for indoor cats, it’s riskier. 

Although, If there are snakes in your area and you want to let someone hunt down snakes, then you should hire pest control guys for this job. Don’t use your cat for this, they’re not supposed to deal with such a big threat.

How do cats attack snakes?

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However, all cats have a natural hunting instinct. Whether there’s a domestic cat or an outdoor cat, both of them are good at hunting. Even though wild cats are more good at hunting than domestic ones, the domestic cat’s also hunt. 

Moreover, cats have deadly claws and sharp teeth, they can use them against snakes. Usually, when a cat attacks a snake, first she bats at the snake’s head, and then by biting its neck and breaking it off, she finishes it off. 

Remember, mostly this happens but not always this happens, though. Even your cat can also lose the fight. 


Usually, cats hunt snakes but it’s not recommended to use your cat for finishing snakes because snakes can also harm your cat.

Therefore, If your cat is lucky, maybe she hunts multiple snakes but in case your cat fails to hunt them then there’s a big chance that the snake can attack and injure her. 

In conclusion, If you want to keep snakes away, follow the tips mentioned above. Getting cats for killing snakes isn’t a permanent solution and it’s also a big risk.