Will cats overeat?

In this article, I will tell you about a habit of cats that’s overeating. To know will cats overeat or not, just read this article. 

Yes, cats tend to overeat. Even though it depends on each cat how much food she loves to eat, it’s seen that most of the cats keep eating until you stop serving food. 

That’s why you should make a diet plan for her.

Why are my cats hungry all the time?

You should know that your cats aren’t exactly hungry when they are demanding food. If your cats are demanding food all the time, it means they just want to keep eating. 

Maybe your cat is meowing for food and you thought she was hungry. Remember that sometimes cats aren’t hungry and they start meowing. 

You should make a food timetable for your cat, and feed her at that time only. Feeding her all the time isn’t a good idea. 

How do I stop my cat from overeating?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

By controlling your cat’s food, you can stop her from overeating. It’s not easy to train a cat from overeating. 

First, you should know how much food is necessary for your cat in a day. You may know this from her age, size, and her eating habits. 

Make a timetable, serve her small meals, multiple times a day, and at the end of the day make sure she’s reached their daily intake.

How much food should I feed my cat per day?

Actually, a healthy cat needs 24 to 35 calories per pound of their body weight. Don’t feed her all at once, though. Make a proper diet plan and feed her according to the. 

Keep in mind, water is also necessary for cats. That’s why you should always give her access to fresh water. Keep in mind, they need food to be healthy as well as they need water also. 

Do cats ever feel full?

Will cats overeat

Yes, cats do get full but that doesn’t mean they will stop eating when they are. Some cats get full and stop eating but some of them don’t stop eating. 

That’s why it’s necessary to make a diet plan for her and feed her according to their food-eating requirements only.  


Is it common for cats to overeat?

Yes, overeating is very common in cats. Unfortunately, some cats eat more than their food requirement. However, overeating could lead cats to excessive weight gain and obesity.

What to do if a cat refuses to eat?

First, find out the reason why your cat isn’t eating. Try different ways so she starts eating, such as giving her a little bit of warm food, changing her food brand, giving her favorite food, or taking her to the vet if she doesn’t eat for a long time.


Most cats overeat. Overeating isn’t a good habit but unfortunately, most cats do this. To stop a cat from overeating you have to make a diet plan for her according to her daily food requirement. 

Furthermore, It’s good for your cat, and also good for her digestive system if you feed her multiple times per day. But remember don’t overfeed, just feed her according to her daily food intake requirements.

My advice is to discuss with your vet how much food you should feed your cat per day. Your vet will help you. 

At the end of the day, you can feed her by yourself or even you can buy an automatic food feeder for this purpose. However, it will make your job easy.