Will cats scratch leather?

Sometimes, cats don’t have anything to scratch so they try to scratch the leather. Actually, cats need to use their paws every once in a while. If there’s no other alternative available then she will start scratching on the leather.

Why do cats scratch?

You should know that cats need to scratch stuff every once in a while and this is to keep their claws sharp and short. They need a hard, textured surface to scratch. 

Even though leather isn’t exactly textured, it’s actually better than materials for them to scratch compared to other materials you may have in your house.

Additionally, if your cat finds anything else to scratch on, then your leather will be safe and there’s nothing to worry about. That’s why get anything for your cat so she can scratch on that. 

Do cats hate leather?

Will cats scratch leather

No, it’s not true. Cats don’t hate leather, they enjoy it. Leather is an interesting thing for cats because it’s comfortable and it smells different. 

Even though cats love leather, it’s seen that cats also like to rough up stuff. That’s why she started scratching on leather. 

When it comes to leather, there are two things that cats can do, they use it for rest and even they can use it for playing. However, while playing they can also scratch it. 

That’s why most cat owners think that cats hate leather but if we pay proper attention, they don’t hate it, they’re just playing with it and having fun with it.  

How can I protect my leather couch from my cat?

If your cat is scratching your leather couch and you want to protect them then for this purpose you have to redirect your cat’s attention to something else. Most of them scratch leather because they have no other alternative where they can scratch. 

In such a situation, a scratching post will help you. You can even hide your couch from her but it’s not a good idea. 

Remember, cats need anything to scratch because they’ve to keep their paws and claws in check. If they have nothing to scratch, most probably they’ll scratch your leather couch.

If you get a scratching post for your cat, they will go to hit the scratching post and she will leave everything else (a leather couch). 

How do you fix cat scratches in leather?

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You can use leather oil on your leather item, it will fix cat scratches in the leather, but remember it will remove light scratches only. 

If you have light scratches on your leather sofa, leather couch, leather seats, leather bag, or any other leather item, leather oil will bring your leather back to normal. It will look like new. 

All you have to do is simply apply the oil on the leather and give it some time so it becomes dry. Moreover, for deep scratches, first, use leather cleaner, then use white vinegar second, and after that use a colorless shoe polish at last. 

You can easily get all these items from the market. 

In case, if your cat has banged up your leather couch, then you can’t fix it yourself, you have to call an expert. Remember, leather couches are expensive so don’t try by yourself to get help from any professional. 


How do I stop my cat from scratching leather?

To stop your cat from scratching leather, you have to place scratching posts in different areas of your home. Especially place it in that room where your leather furniture piece is located.

Are scratch posts good for cats?

Yes, scratching posts are good for cats. It helps cats to keep their claws in a proper shape as well as it’s a great exercise for her and it also helps her to reduce stress.


Yes, cats can scratch on leather. Actually, cats need to scratch to keep their claws sharp. 

If your cat is scratching on leather, place several scratching posts in your house to redirect her attention. 

You could also cover your couch but then again, cats are also very smart, so it’s not a good option.