What cats have green eyes?

Cats have different types of eye colors. The most common eye colors of them are blue, green, yellow/amber, and red. 

In this article, I will tell you about what cats have green eyes.

Most cats have green eyes. Even though all of them are born with blue eyes, they turn into different colors as the cat comes into adulthood. 

However, cat breeds, like the Egyptian Mau cat and the Sphynx cat, have a higher chance of having green eyes as compared to other cats.

Green eyes in cats are common.

Cats having stronger green looks more beautiful. Keep in mind the eye color of a cat doesn’t have any impact on the cat. 

Why do cats have green eyes?

When a cat is born her eyes are closed. On average, after one week she started opening her eyes and at that time she had blue eyes

During the next six weeks, she produces melanin that could turn her eyes into another color, such as green or red, etc. 

Whereas the green eye color is actually due to the production of green melanin. The more melanin the cat produces (of that type), the stronger her green eyes will be. 

But if there’s little green melanin produced, then her eyes will be aqua-green. 

Are cats with green eyes rare?

What cats have green eyes

No, cats with green eyes aren’t rare. In fact, they are very common. No doubt, green eye color in humans is extremely rare but not in cats. 

Moreover, light green cat eyes are common. See the eye color of the cats in your area, I hope you’ll find the majority of cats with green eyes and yellow/amber eyes. 

What cat breeds have green eyes?

There are plenty of cats that have green eyes, as you know this color is one of the most common eye colors of cats.

On average, green eyes are common in cat breeds like Russian Blue cats, Abyssinian cats, Egyptian Mau cats, and Norwegian Forest cats. These cats have a high chance of getting green-colored eyes. 

Remember, cat eye color doesn’t depend on cat breed, it’s all about the melanin and nothing else. 

Can a cat’s eyes change color?

All kittens are born with blue eyes but soon after, their eyes change colors. However, there are even some cats whose eye color doesn’t change and remains blue. 

Although at night time a cats eye color changes to green but its only because of reflection of light.

At the end of the day, a cat’s eye color can stay blue, can turn into green, yellow/amber, or red, etc. No one knows what eye color they’re going to get. So if you have a baby kitten then wait for some time.


What age do cats’ eyes turn green?

On average, between three to eight weeks a cat’s eyes turn from blue color into another color such as green. Remember, not always her eye color will change but mostly it changes.

Do any cats have black eyes?

What cats have blue eyes

As you know cats have different eye colors. But unfortunately they don’t have black eyes as humans have.


Cats are born with blue eyes that slowly turn to a different eye color. It can also stay blue but mostly it changes. Eye color changes due to the production of melanin. 

Some cat breeds have higher chances of having green eyes, such as the Egyptian Mau cat, the Sphynx cat, the Russian Blue cat, the Abyssinian cat, and the Norwegian Forest cat

Moreover, green eyes are very common in cats. And they also look pretty with green eyes. 

At the end of the day, you should know that no one can tell what eye color the cat will get.