Will cats share a litter box?

Everybody who owns a cat for the first time or is thinking of getting multiple cats should know will cats share a litter box.

Yes, cats share a litter box. One litter box can be shared by multiple cats. But it’s not a good idea to get only one litter box for multiple cats. 

Additionally, If you own one litter box for multiple cats, it would be difficult for you to clean it again and again. 

How do you make a cat share a litter box?

Mostly, multiple cats can share one litter box without having any issues. But it’s possible that maybe any cat doesn’t want to share no matter what, in this type of situation you have to train her.

Furthermore, just get two litter boxes, leave one litter box in a common area on the floor and then put the second box in a private room just for the use of your territorial cat only. 

After a while, allow the other cats to go into that private room. Now, Some of them may use the litter box, and some may not. If the cats don’t fight with each other it means now they don’t have any issue sharing the litter box.

If unfortunately, they started fighting again, then repeat the process. Finally, after using this technique you can keep both litter boxes available for all cats.

How many cats can use one litter box? 

Will cats share a litter box

One litter box can be used by one cat only and for two boxes for two cats. However, for three cats, two litter boxes are recommended. 

Actually, each cat should have one litter box but if you have a lot of cats then this isn’t possible. If you have a lot of cats, don’t worry because cats can share litter boxes. 

At the end of the day, put several litter boxes in different places for multiple cats.

Is one litter box enough for a single cat?

No doubt, One litter box is enough for the use of one single cat but it’s better if you own two litter boxes and place them in different spots. 

Even your cat will also appreciate it and she will get two options. 

How many litter boxes should I get?

You should get two litter boxes if you have one single cat, and 1.5 litter boxes per cat if you have multiple pets. 

However, cats have no problem sharing their litter boxes, but it’s better to get two or three of them and place them in different places. 

Moreover, it’s best to have three litter boxes if you have two cats and always have give equal attention to all the cats. You should increase the number of litter boxes as you increase the number of cats. 

How many times a day should you clean cat litter?

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You should clean the cat litter box once or twice a day. Whereas, if you have multiple cats, then you can increase it otherwise cleaning the box 1 or 2 times a day is enough. 


Cats can share litter boxes without having any issues. Even one litter box can be shared by multiple cats but it’s not recommended.

Always remember, It’s a rule of thumb; sometimes, two litter boxes for one cat aren’t required but sometimes it is.

Usually, cats don’t have any issue in sharing the boxes but if your car doesn’t like to share her box with other cats, just follow the technique mentioned above. 

At the end of the day, it depends on you how many litter boxes you own for a single cat and multiple cats. Most probably your cat will not have any issues while sharing her litter box with other cats.