What cats have extra toes?

Cats with extra toes are called polydactyl cats. Not all cats have extra toes and here’s a query: what cats have extra toes in real life?

Read this article to know about cats having extra toes. I hope you will enjoy reading this guide.

Cats that have extra toes are known as polydactyl cats. Polydactyly is Greek for many fingers. There are some other common names also for cats who have extra toes, such as Cardi cats, Hemingway cats, Mitten cats, and thumb cats. 

Even though polydactyl cats are somewhat different from other cats, they shouldn’t be treated differently.

What causes a cat to have extra toes?

A cat having more toes means polydactyly in cats is just a genetic mutation. Some cats are simply born with extra toes. 

Furthermore, this might have happened for no reason at all. There’s no specific reason for why this happens.

Generally speaking, just be happy for your cat because more toes are advantageous for her. As it helps at the time of hunting. 

How many toes do cats have?

What cats have extra toes

On average, all cats have 18 toes. 10 on the front paws and 8 on the hind paws. But some cats are born with one or two extra toes and these cats are called polydactyl. 

How many toes does your cat have? Is your cat also polydactyl? 

What percentage of cats have extra toes?

There is no fixed percentage for this. It depends on where you live because cats with extra toes are common in a few areas. Maybe where you live these cats are common there and you don’t know this.

Therefore, cats with extra toes are quite common in the Northern hemisphere, especially in places like America. 

Can a cat have extra toes on all four paws? 

Yes, it’s possible but it’s rare. Usually, cats having extra toes on their front paws are somewhat common, but extra toes on the hind legs alone are very rare.

Moreover, cats having extra toes on all four paws are also very rare. Does your cat also have some extra toes? If yes, then how much?

Additionally, some people believe that Polydactyl cats are a sign of good luck, but it’s not true. 

Is there something wrong if my cat has extra toes?

No, there’s nothing wrong with a cat having extra toes. Maybe you aren’t used to seeing extra toes on a cat, but actually, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Additionally, some cats only have extra toes, other than that there’s nothing wrong with them. Even though extra toes aren’t harmful to a cat’s health or body it’s just a little change and it will not bother your cat. 

What should I do if my cat has extra toes?

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Usually, a cat having extra toes isn’t an issue. If your cat has extra toes, you shouldn’t have to take any big precautions because it’s normal. 

The only thing you should do is, make sure your cat has enough scratching posts around her, for so many toes.

Remember, if you have a polydactyl cat, you shouldn’t think that something is wrong. Cats that have extra toes, have better hunting skills and have extra strength in grabbing and climbing as compared to other cats. 


Do polydactyl cats need special care?

No, polydactyl cats don’t need any extra or special care. They just need the normal care that every cat needs. However, polydactyl cats need regular nail trimming, as sometimes they can become ingrown.

Do polydactyl cats have shorter lifespans?

Some people think polydactyl cats have a shorter lifespan but it’s not true. Their lifespan is the same as normal cats. Extra toes don’t have any impact on a cat’s lifespan.


Cats having extra toes are called polydactyl cats. Some cats have one or two extra toes and this is due to a genetic mutation.

All in all, there’s nothing to worry about if your cat has extra toes. It doesn’t have any impact on the cat’s life or health, they live normally as other cats live. 

Whereas polydactyl cats are good at hunting because of their toes. Overall it’s an advantage for cats.