What cats have an M on their forehead?

I hope you have seen an M on the forehead of cats. Have you ever thought about what cats have an M on their forehead and what’s the reason behind it?

The cats who have an M on their forehead are called tabby cats. They are famous around the world for their different and unique fur coat pattern and somewhat different personality. 

However, some people believe there’s a special reason behind this forehead mark and it also has some effect on a cat’s behavior.

What is the M on a cat’s forehead?

As you know there’s an M mark on a tabby cat’s forehead. This could be considered a birthmark of sorts. Remember, the M mark on a cat’s forehead comes from a cat’s genetics. 

However, the main thing about the M mark is that all cats have it on their foreheads but naturally, not all cats have a distinguishable one.

Moreover, The tabby pattern is noticeable under some certain fur coats only, while on other fur coats it’s hidden away. 

Are tabby cats a breed? 

What cats have an M on their forehead

No, Tabby cats are not a breed. Some people think that tabby cats are a breed but they are wrong.

Although a tabby cat is also defined by the type of fur it has. There are different types of Tabby cats and we will discuss them also. 

Even though the tabby cat isn’t a breed, some certain cat breeds have more tabby patterns than others. These cat breeds are:

  1. Maine coon cat
  2. Domestic shorthair
  3. Oriental cat
  4. Abyssinian cat
  5. American bobtail
  6. American curl

In addition, you should know these cat breeds that have fur coats and which are the most compatible with the tabby pattern.

All in all, it doesn’t mean that only these cat breeds have tabby patterns on them, almost all cats have a tabby pattern on them, but the fact is, not all of them are noticeable.

What are the different types of tabby cats?

There are different types of tabby cats. Tabby cats can feature five different patterns: 

  1. Classic
  1. Ticked
  1. Mackerel
  1. Spotted
  1. Orange. 

Additionally, each tabby cat has something different that makes them unique in the world. However, the most common and popular tabby type is the mackerel tabby cat.

At the end of the day, you should know, all types of tabby cats have an M mark on their forehead as a common trait. The difference between them is:


They have Curvy lines throughout the sides of their body and have patterns like butterflies on the shoulders with a few additional stripes on the back.


solid grey cat breed

They don’t have any stripes or lines of any kind but they have random colored spots on the body.


They have very thin vertical lines from one side to another side of their body. They also have some small stripes alongside their face, neck, and shoulders. 


They have vertical lines just similar to the mackerel but there’s a little change, it breaks down into spots that follow a pattern.


They have orange and white spots throughout the whole body. 


Why do cats touch their forehead to humans?

Most cats like touching their forehead to humans, this is a way of bonding, and you can also let it be a symbol of love.

Even though they don’t do this only with humans but also with other cats. Cats rubbing their foreheads with each other is a cat’s way of communicating.

Do cats like their heads touched?

Yes, usually cat’s like to be petted. This means they like to be touched on their head, chin, and neck by their favorite ones. As a result, cats enjoy it when their favorite ones touch them.


In actuality, cats who have an M mark on their forehead are known as tabby cats. Tabby cats aren’t a cat breed, it’s a cat’s fur coat pattern. 

There are different types of tabby cats, they are mentioned above. However, you should know that some cat breeds have tabby patterns visible on their fur coats. Their names are also mentioned above. 

Moreover, almost all cats have tabby patterns but the fact is, it’s not visible on all cats.