What cats have blue eyes?

It’s seen that cats with blue eyes are liked by most people all over the world. In this article, I will tell you about what cats have blue eyes and their facts.

The cats who don’t produce any melanin have blue eyes. The interesting fact is, all cats are born with blue eyes but after reaching adulthood, not all cats get to keep their eyes blue. 

As compared to other cats, the Persian cat, the Siamese cat, and the Birman cat have a high chance of keeping their eyes blue.

Which color cats have mostly blue eyes? 

If we talk about the cat’s fur color, it’s seen that mostly white cats have blue eyes. The reason behind this is a genetic mutation. 

However, white cats with blue eyes look so pretty. Other color’s cats also have blue eyes but mostly white cats have them. 

How common are blue eyes in cats?

What cats have blue eyes

Moreover, Blue-eyed cats are common but not that much. As you know all cats are born with blue eyes but the problem is, the chance of staying blue eyes is far too rare. 

Although, some cat breeds have a better chance of having blue eyes than others. However, mostly their eyes will turn green, red, or yellow. No doubt, these eye colors also look good. 

Meanwhile, I am not saying that a cat can’t have blue eyes, It means only a few cats have the chance of keeping blue eyes. Truly speaking, the only way to know what eye color your cat is going to get, is to wait until she becomes an adult.

Are all cats born with blue eyes?

Yes, all cats are born with blue eyes. Fur color or cat breed doesn’t matter. After seven days, the baby kitten starts opening her eyes and at that time you can see which color eyes she had, she will have blue ones. 

Therefore, when a cat is born her eyes are closed, so at that time you can’t see it’s eyes’ color hence, you have to wait for at least one week.

Furthermore, you should know that green eye color is most common in cats. However, cats don’t have brown or black eyes, like humans. 

What does it mean if a cat has blue eyes?

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There’s nothing big behind the blue eyes of cats. A cat having blue eyes means it most probably she is less than six weeks old or maybe it has not produced any melanin. 

Whereas, if your cat is less than six weeks old, then don’t think she will have blue eyes permanently. 

You should know that there’s just a lack of melanin production behind the blue eyes of cats. So there’s nothing to worry about. 

Do cats with blue eyes go blind?

There is no relationship between a cat’s eye color and blindness. If a cat is going blind, whether she has blue eyes, green eyes, or any other color, the color of the eye doesn’t matter. 

Actually, blindness is a hereditary trait, and if the parents of a kitten went blind sometime in their life, then the kitten could go blind also. 

In addition, if you think or see something wrong with your cat’s eyes, take her to the vet.


Mostly, the Siamese cat, the Persian cat, and the Birman cats have the highest chances of having blue eyes. 

Even though the fur color of a cat doesn’t affect her eye colors, it’s seen that most of the time white cats have blue eyes. 

All cats are born with blue eyes but when they become adult cats, most of the cat’s eye color changes. Just the cats who don’t produce any melanin have blue eyes.