Can Cats Eat Dragonflies?

Cats are natural hunters. In the wild, they hunt insects and birds for their daily food. If your cat is eating dragonflies then you should know whether dragonflies are safe for cats to eat or not.

You shouldn’t worry if your cat eats dragonflies because it’s completely safe for them. Cats can eat dragonflies but you should not feed it to your cat, although if your cat goes out and hunts it, there’s no issue. 

Mostly cats go out hunting and after that, they come back to their owner’s house. There’s nothing wrong with your cat if you saw her hunting and eating or playing with dragonflies. 

Why do cats chase dragonflies?

Interestingly, we have seen our cats chasing almost anything and that’s because they are natural hunters. Domestic cats and wild cats both are good at chasing. 

If you have a cat, then probably you have seen her chasing something like birds, insects, pigeons, etc. Almost every cat owner saw her cat chasing. 

Finally, chasing or chasing around dragonflies is good exercise for cats and there’s nothing to worry about. Cats have a lot of energy to use and by hunting, they use their energy. 

Are dragonflies poisonous to cats?

Can Cats Eat Dragonflies?

No, Dragonflies aren’t poisonous to cats. Your cat will be okay after eating a dragonfly. Cats don’t have any risk from eating dragonflies. Even the sting of a dragonfly is not strong enough to hurt a cat. 

Although, your cat will not face any issues from the dragonfly and there’s nothing to worry about.

Some other bugs are dangerous for cats but dragonflies aren’t. If your cat eats any bug that’s poisonous to them then you should call your vet. 

Meanwhile, If you’re afraid of any outdoor bug that can hurt your cat, then it’s best to keep your cat indoors. Even though cats can fight against most bugs and insects, that’s why be relaxed. 

Will my cat get sick after eating dragonflies?

Your cat won’t get sick if she eats one or two dragonflies. However, If it is stuck in her throat then it can be a problem for the cat but usually, it goes out after a coughing fit or sometimes ends up being swallowed. In both ways, there is no problem.

Moreover, If your cat starts coughing after eating a dragonfly then probably her throat doesn’t help her to handle it. 

Usually, this does not happen but if your cat becomes sick after eating dragonfly then call your vet, right away. 


Is it OK for cats to eat flies?

Is it OK for cats to eat flies?

Yes, it’s OK for cats to eat flies because flies won’t hurt cats. It’s common for cats to hunt and eat flies. Eating flies will not harm your cat and even it adds some natural protein to her diet.

Why do cats like eating flies?

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Both domestic and wild cats like to eat flies. Most probably cats like to eat flies because it has protein and cats need protein in their diet. Maybe it’s entertaining for cats to hunt and eat flies.


Cats are natural hunters. They love to hunt and eat. Cats can eat dragonflies and it’s completely safe for them. 

However, wiild and domestic both cats hunt and eat dragonflies. Cats chase them because cats love to chase and hunt their prey. If your cat is chasing and eating dragonflies there’s nothing to worry about because it’s common in cats. 

Moreover, dragonflies aren’t poisonous to cats and even the sting of a dragonfly will not hurt your cat. Sometimes the throat of cats is not able to handle a dragonfly and the cat starts coughing. 

Usually, cats don’t get sick from eating a dragonfly but if she gets sick after eating it, call your vet.