Can Cats Eat Falafel?

Human foods are made for humans, they contain the ingredients that humans love to eat and some of those ingredients are harmful to cats. 

If you want to share falafel with your cat then you should know, 

Cats shouldn’t eat falafel because falafel is extremely harmful to cats. Even a small piece of it can cause trouble for cats. Falafel contains many ingredients that will harm a cat.

If your cat eats falafel, it could lead her to serious health problems. So, never feed falafel to your cat. 

In additio, consumption of flafel can have negative effect on your cat, So, make sure to keep flafel away from your cat because most cats come near to humans when they are eating and they start demanding that. 

Why is falafel harmful to cats?

Falafel is harmful to cats because it contains a lot of things that are bad for cats, such as onions, garlic, spices, etc. All of them will hurt your cat. 

Furthermore, these things are part of falafel and this proves that falafel is harmful to cats. Even though these ingredients are enough to make a cat sick. 

Maybe it will not kill your cat but it will give you a hard time to your cat. That’s why don’t take risks and keep them away from her. 

In addition, it contains chickpeas which are bad for cats. It also contains beans and some beans are also harmful to cats. 

What should I do if my cat has eaten falafel?

Can Cats Eat Falafel

If your cat has eaten falafel, don’t waste time and take her to the vet, right away. 

Probably you have no problem with it but falafel is bad for cats and it can cause a lot of problems for cats if eaten. 

Therefore, you should know if she eats falafel, maybe she can have stomach issues, such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc. This means it will cause trouble for the cat, so that’s why you should take her to the vet. 

Can cats eat chickpeas?

Cats shouldn’t eat chickpeas. However, there is no nutritional benefit of chickpeas for cats. It’s also hard for cats to digest it and that’s why it can cause stomach problems. 

Moreover, your cat can have stomach pain, diarrhea, and other similar problems just because of chickpeas. Maybe your cat also doesn’t like to eat it. 

Can cats eat beans?

Not all beans are harmful to cats. It depends upon which of the beans you’re thinking of sharing with the cat. Keep in mind cats don’t like beans and most of the beans can lead your cat to an upset stomach. 

As a result, it’s better to avoid feeding beans to your cat. 


Do peas harm cats?

No, peas will not harm your cat. Cats can eat peas and they’re considered safe for cats. Peas are a healthy treat for cats. Most cats enjoy eating it and feel free to share it with your feline.

What veggies are toxic to cats?

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Cats are meat eaters and they don’t show proper interest in eating veggies. However, some vegetables like shallots, leeks, chives, onions, and garlic are toxic to cats,


Cats shouldn’t eat falafel. Falafel is bad for a cat’s health. Its ingredients are harmful to cats. It contains onion, garlic, spices, chickpeas, etc. All of them are extremely harmful to cats. 

Make sure to keep your cat away from falafel and if you are eating falafel, maybe your cat will demand it from you but don’t share it with her. 

If a cat eats falafel, it could lead to stomach issues and other serious health issues. In this situation take your cat to the vet, immediately. 

At the end of the day, don’t give falafel to your cat.