What kind of cats play fetch?

Playing games with cats is good exercise for your cats and you also. You should play with her every day. Although its also very important to know what kind of cats play fetch?

All cats can play fetch. But first, you have to teach them how to play fetch. However, cats love playing fetch and it’s a good way to entertain a cat. 

A tennis ball is big for playing fetch with cats, use something smaller so your cat can carry it easily.

However, Keep in mind this doesn’t depend on breeds, it depends on you, how and when you teach your cat to play fetch. Moreover, If you don’t teach her, she will not be able to play this game on her own. 

Is it rare for cats to play fetch?

No, it’s not rare. Many cat owners teach their cats about how to play fetch, and then they play fetch with their felines. 

In contrast, games are necessary for the mental and physical health of cats, Fetch is the best way to interact and play with your feline. 

Do dogs play more than cats?

What kind of cats play fetch

Yes it’s true, as compared to dogs, cats do have a bad reputation when it comes to playing but it doesn’t mean that cats don’t play, they also play but they love to play alone. 

Once you teach your cat to play with you, then she will also understand how to play with humans. And next time she will show interest in playing games with you. 

What is fun for a cat?

Cats love when their owner plays with them or even talks with them. Even though they cannot understand what we say but they enjoy our company. 

Furthermore, cats also love to explore new places. Taking out your cat is also a good option. They also have fun climbing and scratching.

Keep in mind, cats don’t get entertained by watching tv, they get entertained if someone gives time to them or plays with them. 

Although, If your cat is an indoor cat, get a cat tree for her and give her scratching posts to scratch. Additionally, there are a lot of other ways to entertain a cat. 

What games do cats like to play?

what does a cat needs to play

There are many games that cats like to play, such as hunting prey, fetching, hide-and-seek, and playing with toys. 

Although, games are also good exercise for cats. However, cats like to play with toys, so it’s a better idea to play with your cat with toys. Moreover, Give your cat a variety of toys.

1. Hunting the prey:

Cats have a lot of energy, and they should use it somewhere. Play this game with your cat, because most cats enjoy playing this game. Start moving around your cat and then wait until she comes close to you, and then move to another place. But make sure your cat won’t hurt you.

2. Fetch:

As you know about this game. Just throw anything in front of your cat and teach her to bring it back to you. Make sure the thing you throw in front of your cat should be small in size, so she can carry it in her mouth.For example a small ball.

3. Hide and Seek:

In this game, you should simply hide in a place and wait for your cat, until your cat comes looking for you. But first, you have to do something, so that your cat starts following you. Use different techniques to engage your cat in playing games with you.

4. Toys:

Almost every cat loves to play with toys. Playing games with your cat is good, you should also try to play with your cat with the help of toys.In addition, when you’re not there to play with your cat, you can give her some toys to play with them.


Most cats love to play fetch. If a cat plays fetch or not, it doesn’t depend on the breed, it depends on the cat owner whether he teaches her cat to play fetch or not. 

It’s good for cats’ health to play with them, playing games with cats is good exercise as well as a way to entertain a cat.