Why do cats lick plastic bags?

It’s seen that most of the cats lick plastic bags. To know why do cats lick plastic bags? You have to read this article.

Cats lick plastic bags because they like them. There is no fixed reason behind this but maybe cats like its smell, or taste. Or maybe they enjoy licking plastic bags.

Sometimes cats lick plastic bags because they smell of meat, maybe you used that bag to carry meat. That’s why that plastic bag has the scent of meat.

Finally, no one can tell the exact reason why cats lick plastic bags but just keep in mind that your cat enjoys licking plastic bags.

Are plastic bags dangerous for cats?

The answer is both Yes and No. If a cat just licks a plastic bag then there is nothing to worry but if she swallows it, then there is a problem and at that time you have to take quick action and take your cat to the vet. 

How are plastic bags harmful to cats? 

Plastic bags are harmful to cats in many ways. Even though we can’t imagine how dangerous they’re for cats. Howeve, if your cat takes a bite out of a plastic bag, it can get stuck in her stomach and it’s a threat to her life. 

Moreover, In this situation, only an emergency is the option to save your cat from trouble. 

While playing with a plastic bag, your cat can hurt herself by tangling with it. Even your cat can have an oxygen problem If she wraps her head around a plastic bag, this is the most terrible situation. 

What should I do if my cat licks a plastic bag?

Why do cats lick plastic bags

When your cat licks a plastic bag or even if she is just playing with it, first you should take it away from your cat. Make sure your cat hasn’t eaten it, if she has eaten it then there’s a problem and your cat is at risk. 

On the other hand, If your cat licks a plastic bag but you don’t know whether she eats it or not, then watch the condition of the plastic bag, and check if it has any whole or not. 

Secondly, observe your cat if she doesn’t feel well after playing with it or if she is vomiting, take her to the vet, immediately.

Finally, You need to take your cat to the vet if she has eaten plastic bags. That’s why don’t take risks and keep your cat away from plastic bags. 

How do I make my cat stop licking plastic bags? 

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There are two / three ways to stop your cat from licking plastic bags. First and the best way is, to keep plastic bags away from your cat’s reach. 

Another way is, to teach your cat to not lick plastic bags, in this way a pet trainer can help you, you can take help from a pet trainer to stop your cat from this bad habit. 

In addition, you can also give your cat a lot of toys and keep her busy so that you can draw her attention away from plastic bags. 


It’s seen that cats lick plastic bags, this is because they enjoy doing it. 

Therefore, If your cat is licking plastic bags then it’s better to stop her because it can cause trouble for her. Keep your cat away from plastic bags and give her a lot of toys, so she doesn’t play with plastic bags. 

All iin all, plastic bags are dangerous for cats. Even though it can lead cats to dangerous situations. Such as, if a cat ate it, it could get stuck in her stomach.