Can Cats Eat Eggs?

Eggs are beneficial for us and it’s eaten commonly for breakfast. Do you want to share it with your cats also than you should know whether can cats eat eggs or not.

Cats can eat cooked eggs. Eggs are good and beneficial to cats. It’s a great nutritional treat for them but it should not be the main meal of the cat. Even though it’s a nice treat that almost every cat needs. 

If you are going to give an egg to your cat, make sure you cook it properly and in the right way. 

Can cats eat raw eggs and shells?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

No, cats shouldn’t eat raw eggs and shells. Actually, raw eggs contain bacteria, and that are harmful to cats. Eggshells are also problematic to cats but you can give her crushed eggshell but first talk about it with your vet. 

How many eggs can a cat eat?

A small piece of egg or less than a quarter of an egg is enough for a cat. A normal size egg contains around 70 calories. On average, cats need 200 calories in a day. 

That’s why you have to feed eggs to your cat in small amounts. Even eggs in small amounts are enough for cats.

Even though you should feed eggs to your cat as a treat. 

Are eggs good for cats?

Can cats eat eggs

Yes absolutely, Eggs are good for cats. The protein and fat of eggs are beneficial to cats. It’s good for cats until it’s cooked properly and eaten in moderation or as a treat. 

Replacing the main meal (cat food) with eggs is not good and even harmful to cats. In simple words, Raw eggs or too many eggs aren’t good for cats. 

To make eggs good for them, you have to cook them properly and serve them as a treat. Remember, eggshells are also harmful to cats. 

Can I give a cat scrambled eggs?

You can cooked scrambled eggs for your cat, it’s a good treat for cats. Usually, cats like simply cooked eggs but don’t know whether your cat will like scrambled eggs or not. 

If you’re cooking scrambled eggs for your cat, make sure to cook them for long enough. Because half-cooked or raw eggs are dangerous for cats’ health. 

How should I cook eggs for a cat?

There are many ways to cook eggs, you can cook eggs in any way you want but they should be properly cooked, and don’t add extra ingredients in them that can cause trouble to cats.

You can also boil the egg for your cag but after boiling, remove the eggshell and cut it into small serving sizes. Don’t serve a whole egg to your feline.

I hope your cat will enjoy it. 


If the egg is properly cooked in the right way, then your cat can eat it but in moderation. Eggs are beneficial for them.

However, raw eggs and eggshells are not good for them. Raw eggs can hurt your cat. Boiled eggs are considered good for them. You can give other types of eggs also but don’t mix them with ingredients harmful to cats. 

There are two rules that every cat owner should know:

Never give raw eggs and eggshells to your cat.