Can cats eat blueberries?

As you know blueberries are rich in antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C. It’s a low-calorie superfood in human nutrition. but the question is, can cats eat blueberries oor not.

Cats can eat blueberries without any issue but as a treat. In fact, this is also beneficial for cats.

This doesn’t mean you can give her blueberries in replacement of cat food, it has some benefits for cats if eaten as a treat. However, blueberries are a healthy treat for cats. 

Most cats have no issue while eating blueberries but it’s better if you check with your vet to make sure your cat has no problem with it. Not only blueberries, but before introducing any food to her you should first check with the vet. 

Unfortunately, cats are not able to taste sweet things, so maybe they show their interest in it or maybe not. Don’t force her to eat blueberries if she doesn’t like them and don’t overfeed her with blueberries if she likes them. 

Is it safe for a cat to eat blueberries?

Can cats eat blueberries

Just like bleberries same as goji berriies are also safe for cats to eat but only as a treat. It should be in small amounts and sometimes. The good thing is you can feed both raw and cooked blueberries to your cat.

If you’re giving her the cooked blueberries, make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredients that can be harmful to cats. Even if you’re cooking it for your cat, don’t add extra ingredients to it, try to use just a few ingredients in it.

Finally, blueberries are safe for cats. 

Will a cat try blueberries?

Most cats aren’t interested in fruits or vegetables. A cat likes blueberries or not, this depends upon the cat itself. Give one or two blueberries to your cat, if she likes to eat she will finish it otherwise she will leave it. 

With this trick, you can know if your cat tries blueberries or not. 

In short, if your cat likes to eat blueberries then she will definitely try it but if she doesn’t try it means she doesn’t like it. Keep in mind blueberries aren’t necessary for cats, so don’t try to force her.

How many blueberries can a cat eat?

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As you know cats can eat blueberries as a treat, which means in small amounts. For any cat, two or three blueberries per day are more than enough.  

Remember, even though blueberries are good and healthy for cats, they shouldn’t be a replacement for real cat food

Additionally, if you start giving too many blueberries every day to your cat, the biggest disadvantage of this is, your cat will miss out on the important nutrients that she can only get from cat food. 

Although she can have a nutritional deficiency. That’s why a few blueberries every once in a week are okay. 

Cats can eat strawberries also but onlyy as a treat just same as blueberry or goji berriies.


Cats can eat blueberries as a treat. Blueberries are beneficial for humans as well as it has some benefits for cats. It’s safe for them as a treat, feeding too many blueberries to them can be problematic for them. 

Before giving it to your cat, It’s better and safer if you discuss it with your vet. 

Luckily, cats can eat both raw and cooked blueberries. While giving cooked blueberries, make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are bad for the cat’s health.