Can Cats See in the Dark?

We all have heard a lot of things about cat eye vision or they can see in the dark but today I will tell you the real truth about can cats see in the dark or not

Cats are not able to see in complete darkness but luckily cats have very good night vision, they can see in the dark better than us. They just need little light to see in the dark but remember they still need a little bit of light to see in the dark.

Cats owners know their cats have no problem in the dark, or maybe you have noticed our cats move around us in the dark also. 

 It’s not a good idea to turn off the light for the cat because she can see in the dark. Remember, little light is necessary for them. In the whole black, they cannot see. 

What do cats see in the dark?

can cats see in the dark

In full darkness, cats can’t see anything but with little light they can see anything that they see during the day. 

As you know, a cat’s vision is different from a human’s but not by that much. Unfortunately, cats are a little color-blind, and that’s also helped her to see in the dark. 

Simply, cats can see everything in the dark (with little light). 

Why do cats have good night vision?

As you know cats have good night vision and this is because the cat’s eye has multiple opportunities to perceive the light, unlike humans. 

When light enters the cat’s eye and misses the rod, it’s mirrored into another rod. In humans, when light travels into the eye, if it misses the rod (inside the retina), then it’s gone forever. 

That’s the reason why cats can see better in the dark also. Additionally, cats’ eyes work more efficiently than human eyes. 

Do cats prefer the dark or the light?

Can cats see in the dark

Cats can move around in the dark or the light without any problem. It depends upon their mood whether they prefer the dark or the light. 

Sometimes, cats like to sit in close areas or dark areas. Other times, they like to be in open areas, like under the sun. 

Don’t try to force your cat, just allow her wherever she prefers to stay. They don’t like it if anyone annoys them.


Should I leave a light on for my cat at night?

It’s better to leave a light on for your cat at night. If possible, provide her with a little light only because it will help your kitten to sleep.
Cats have better night vision so little light is enough for them at night.

Are cats OK in the dark?

Turning the light off and giving your cat complete darkness isn’t actually good. Even though cats cannot see in complete darkness and leaving your cat in complete darkness can be stressful for her.


Cats are not able to see in complete darkness but luckily they can see in little light. A little light is necessary for them to see. 

Cats can see better than us in the darkness and they have better night vision as compared to humans.  But this doesn’t mean you can give her a complete darkness environment by keeping the lights off, remember they need a little light to see in the dark.

As compared to humans, the light reflects in a cat’s eyes differently than in humans. 

In simple words, cats can see almost anything they normally do in the dark. In the dark, their color perception changes a little bit, but all other things, like shapes and depths, stay the same.