Can cats eat strawberries?

Want to share strawberries with your feline? Read this article to know can cats eat strawberries or not.

Yes, cats can eat strawberries in small amounts. Strawberries are safe and also beneficial to cats. In fact, many cats enjoy eating strawberries even though they can’t taste their sweetness. 

In addition, Both fresh and frozen strawberries are okay for them. But keep in mind, cats should eat it only in moderation. As a treat, it’s good for them but in large amounts, its not good for them

Do strawberries hurt cats?

There are very few fruits that are safe for cats to eat and many fruits and food are not good for our cat’s health. Luckily strawberries are also safe for them. If a cat eats strawberries it wouldn’t hurt her but if eaten in large amounts then it can hurt her. 

Strawberries are beneficial to cats and they contain some vitamins and micronutrients that a cat needs. The problem is they are also high in sugar, so if a cat consumes too much, it will become harmful. 

In moderation, Strawberries are a healthy treat for cats and most cats can enjoy eating them. Moreover, before giving strawberries to your feline, it’s better and advisable to discuss it with your vet also. 

How should I give strawberries to cats?

Can cats eat strawberries

Just give strawberries to your cat in the simplest way. First, remove the leaves and stem, then wash them, and lastly cut them into small pieces and serve her.

It’s very simple, as you eat strawberries, in the same way, you can give them to your cat but cut them into small pieces. 

Additionally, remember to remove the stem and leaves of the strawberry because cats are not able to digest them. If eaten, it can lead her to an upset stomach. 

Don’t mix it with other things, like chocolate or ice cream, etc. Because those things can be harmful to cats. So avoid mixing it with other things. 

Can cats eat strawberry ice cream?

No, cats shouldn’t eat strawberry ice cream because ice cream is not good for them. Ice cream contains a lot of sugar and fat that is harmful to cats. 

Even though you can give just simple strawberries to your feline, strawberry ice cream or even any type of ice cream is not good for them. 

How many strawberries should a cat eat?

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As you know cats can eat strawberries in small amounts only. So, one strawberry is more than enough for a cat. 

Moreover, a cat needs around 200 calories per day from her diet and a strawberry has 33 calories. So one strawberry is enough. 

Remember, strawberries are beneficial to cats but they don’t contain all the nutrients that cat foods contain, which are necessary for them. 

Cats can few fruits and most of them are harmful to cats. For example a cats can eat few of goji berries but on the other hand jackfruit is harmful to cats health.


Luckily cats can eat strawberries but in small amounts. It’s safe and also beneficial for them.

Even though cats cannot taste its sweetness. But most cats like to eat strawberries. 

However, cats can eat both frozen and raw strawberries. But don’t give them strawberry ice cream because ice cream is harmful to cats because of its high sugar and high-fat content. 

Moreover, one strawberry is enough for a cat, so don’t give too many strawberries to her. Give strawberries to her as a treat because cat food is the main food for them. 

Although strawberries are good for cats but not necessary for them. But cat food is necessary for them.