Can Cats Eat Cheese?

Almost everyone loves to have cheese. I also love to have cheese on my food but what about cats, can cats eat cheese like us or not.

Cats shouldn’t eat cheese because cheese is harmful to cats. Cheese can cause trouble for them because it contains lactose and almost all cats are lactose intolerant. 

Are you thinking of giving lactose-free cheese to your cat? You can give that type of cheese but it has no nutritional benefits for cats. And make sure that cheese doesn’t contain any ingredients harmful to cats. It’s better to avoid feeding this too. 

Not only cheese, but all other dairy products are also harmful to cats, that’s why you shouldn’t give any dairy product to your feline. 

Why is cheese bad for cats?

Cheese is bad for cats because it’s a dairy product and milk or dairy products can lead to stomach issues. 

Lactose is found in dairy products (milk and cheese, goat cheese, etc) and unfortunately, most cats are lactose intolerant, that’s why cheese is considered bad for cats.

So why put your cat at risk, don’t take risks with your cat’s health, and don’t give her cheese even parmesan cheese is bad for cat’s health.

Even if your cat loves cheese, you should look for other alternatives that are not bad for them. 

What happens if a cat eats cheese?

can cats eat cheese

If a cat eats cheese, there are chances of stomach issues. There’s a chance that your cat can suffer from vomiting, diarrhea and other stomach issues. It’s seen that in a few cases nothing happens to cats. 

As you know, cats and cheese don’t do well. If you are wondering about non-dairy cheese, that one also proves a little bit problematic for them.

Actually, non-dairy cheese options are high in salt as well as they have high-fat ingredients, that’s why it’s also proven harmful for a cat. 

Even sometimes non-dairy cheese has onions in it, and cheese and onions are toxic to cats. 

What to do if my cat likes cheese too much? 

Most cats like to eat cheese but keep in mind cheese can cause trouble to cats, so keep cheese away from your cat’s reach. If your cat likes cheese too much, then go for lactose-freezes or find any cat-friendly cheese but first discuss it with your vet.  You can try Babybel Cheese but first talk with your vet.

What kind of cheese is good for cats?

can cats eat goat cheese

Before buying any cheese for your cat you should check with your vet. The vet will tell you which type of cheese would not harm your cat. 

Whether you buy any type of cheese for your feline, make sure to check its ingredients first, the cheese shouldn’t contain anything that could harm your cat.

Start with a little. After giving cheese to your cat, check her reaction if there’s any bad reaction, then don’t give it next time. 


Cats shouldn’t eat cheese. Cheese is harmful to cats and it can cause trouble for cats. 

If your cat ate cheese, it most probably she can have stomach issues, such as diarrhea or vomiting, etc. It’s better and safer to not give cheese to them. 

Non-dairy cheese is also not so good for them because it’s high in salt and sometimes it contains onions. I hope you know how onions are bad for a cat’s health. 

The majority of cats love cheese but this doesn’t mean you can give her cheese, if you want to give cheese to her, first check with your vet. Find out which type of cheese wouldn’t hurt the cat. 

My advice is, don’t give cheese to your felines.