Can cats eat baby tomatoes?

As we all know cats are meat eaters and plainly cooked meat is best for them but what about vegetables? Can cats eat baby tomatoes or not.oday we are going to tell you about serving baby tomatoes to cats. 

The answer is both Yes and No.  Cats can eat baby tomatoes as long as they’re ripe but cats shouldn’t eat green baby tomatoes. Whether the green part on baby tomatoes comes from unripe baby tomatoes or comes from stems, this doesn’t matter. 

The main thing you should know is, the green part of baby tomatoes are harmful to cats. 

Do cats like baby tomatoes?

No, cats don’t like baby tomatoes because they don’t show interest in eating fruits or vegetables. Maybe they just nibble on it but it’s not their choice. 

Maybe there are some cats that like baby tomatoes but they are very few. If you want to know whether your cat likes it or not?  

Just serve her a piece of baby tomato and see her reaction. But again it’s not recommended to give it to cats because it has no benefits but there is a chance of causing trouble for them. 

Are baby tomatoes good for cats?

Can Cats Eat Baby Tomatoes

Baby tomatoes are not so good for cats. No doubt, the ripe baby tomatoes are safe for them to eat but it’s not recommended to give them to cats. 

On the other hand, if you give the baby tomatoes to your cat without removing its green part then it can cause trouble for her. And even if you give baby tomatoes to her with stems, she can have the same problem. That’s why it’s better to not give baby tomatoes to your cat. 

Will baby tomatoes hurt cats?

The truth is, usually, the ripe baby tomatoes don’t hurt the cat but there is still a little chance of hurting the cat.

Unripe baby tomatoes are dangerous for cats and they can hurt cats. Hope so your cat will not eat baby tomatoes but don’t take risks and keep them away from your cat’s approach.

Should I go to the vet if my cat ate a baby tomato?

If your cat ate a baby tomato and you are wondering whether you should go to the vet or not. I will tell you what to do in this situation. 

Even though baby tomatoes are small in size, this doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous for cats. Unripe baby tomatoes are dangerous for cats. 

You should go to the vet if your cat ate a green baby tomato. If the tomato was ripe then don’t worry. 

On the other hand, if you don’t know whether your cat has eaten a ripe baby tomato or is unripe, then it’s better to not take the risk and call your vet, immediately. 


Are baby tomatoes more dangerous for cats than normal tomatoes?

Yes, baby tomatoes are more dangerous for cats than normal tomatoes and this is because baby tomatoes are small in size so they can eat them in just one single bite.

Are tomatoes toxic to cats and dogs?

Tomatoes are not so good for cats and dogs. Green tomatoes as well as their green stems contain solanine, which is extremely harmful to cats if consumed in large amounts. Even in small amounts, it’s harmful to cats and dogs.

Can cats lick tomato sauce?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

No, cats shouldn’t lick tomato sauce because it’s harmful to cats. It contains tomatoes and it is high in sodium, both of them can cause trouble for cats.


It’s better to not give baby tomatoes to cats. Ripe baby tomato isn’t harmful to cats but unripe baby tomato is extremely harmful to them. 

If your cat ate an unripe baby tomato then call your vet, immediately.