Can Cats Eat Babybel Cheese? The Ultimate Guide

As you know simple cheese isn’t good for cats because of the lactose present in it but can cats eat babybel cheese or not. As it’s lactose-free cheese. 

Babybel cheese isn’t harmful to cats as other cheeses are. Babybel cheese is lactose-free, so it won’t bring the troubles that any other dairy product brings in a cat’s life. 

However, this kind of food can cause little trouble in a cat’s stomach, so it’s better to not take risks. 

Cats are not used to this type of food, so it’s better not to give it. Or if you want to know whether your cat can handle babybel cheese or not, go ahead and give a little bit of it to your cat and then wait for a few days to see how it reacts.

If nothing bad happens, then as a treat you can give her a little bit. But if the cat has any stomach issues or any other health issues then don’t give her next time. 

Even though cats cannot eat all types of babybel cheese. You should not give her cheese with onions, flavored cheese, or cheese that contains ingredients harmful to cats. 

Can cats eat babybel cheese wax casing?

Cats shouldn’t eat babybel cheese wax casing but if a cat eats it, nothing will happen. The wax will go right through your cat, probably without causing any problems in your cat’s stomach.

So now if you’re wondering to allow your cat to eat the wax casing, don’t do this. 

However, usually, cats are not interested in eating wax casing, even if they found it, they just play with it but if your cat is interested then keep it away from her. 

What kind of babybel cheese can cats eat?

 Can Cats Eat Babybel Cheese?

There are different types of babybel cheeses, the cheese which contains the least ingredients in it is easy for cats to handle. 

Classic variant is okay for them but the cheese mix with flavors, onions, or other similar stuff, should be kept away from cats. 

The best way to choose the right babybel cheese is to choose it the same as you are choosing any other cat treat. It’s best to select the food for her which is dairy-free food and doesn’t contain extra stuff in it. 

Moreover, if you don’t know which one is the right one for your cat, don’t choose the wrong one and it’s better to take advice from your vet. 

How much babybel cheese can cats eat?

In the start, you should start with feeding tiny pieces. After that wait a couple of days, if your cat doesn’t become sick then you can slowly increase the amount of babybel cheese. 

Even though you cannot give too many big pieces of babybel cheese to your cat. A little bit bigger is okay. As you know cats eat less than humans, so even a small piece of babybel cheese is also bigger for cats. 

Additionally, don’t give her babybel cheese regularly. Means give it to your cat as a treat and occasionally only. 


There is no lactose in babybel cheese so cats can eat it. Keep in mind to choose babybel cheese for your cat that doesn’t contain any extra ingredients that can be harmful to cats, like cheese containing onions or flavored cheese. 

My advice is to don’t give babybel cheese to your cat because even though it’s lactose-free there’s still a chance of causing minor stomach issues.