Can cats eat fairy floss?

Cotton candy is also known as fairy floss. So, while eating fairy floss many cat owners wonder if their cats can eat fairy floss safely or not.

Giving fairy floss to cats is harmful to them. Cats shouldn’t eat it because it’s 

made of nothing but sugar. However, sugar isn’t good for cats and sugar is the main ingredient of fairy floss. 

Moreover, sugar in high amounts can cause trouble for cats and fairy floss contain that amount of sugar, which means it can cause problems for cats. 

Is fairy floss a good treat for cats?

No, cats don’t need fairy floss to eat and it’s not a good treat for cats. It’s a harmful treat for them. They love to eat meat and meat treats are best for them. 

Also, they need meat to eat, which is necessary for cats to be fit and healthy. You should know meat is a basic need of almost every cat. 

However, It’s seen that cats also stay away from fairy floss because maybe this type of food isn’t ideal for them. Some cats even try it but then they move away in most cases. In addition, the amount of sugar in it is also bad for humans and a big no for cats.

Why is fairy floss bad for cats?

Fairy floss is bad for cats because of its two ingredients sugar and artificial color. Both of them are bad for cats and keep your cat away from both things. 

Fairy floss is bad for cats and it could lead a cat to stomach upset and other health issues. You don’t know what trouble fairy floss can cause for cats. 

Is cotton candy as bad as fairy floss is for cats?

can cats eat fairy floss

Cotton candy and fairy floss both are the same things, and they both are bad for cats. The only difference in both is their names. In Australia, it’s called fairy floss, and in America, it’s known as cotton candy.

Additionally, in England, it’s known as fairy candy. They all are the same, just their names are changed, they contain the same things, sugar, and artificial colors. However, no matter what the name is, you should keep in mind that it’s bad for cats. 

Do cats like fairy floss?

Cats are not able to taste fairy floss because they can’t taste anything sweet. Even though some cats eat fairy floss but trust me they can’t taste it, but probably cats are inspired by its texture. So it depends upon the individual choice of cat, whether she likes its texture or not.

Remember, even if your cat likes fairy floss, you should not give her because it’s harmful to them. 

What should I do if my cat eats fairy floss?

It Depends on how much your cat has eaten, so you should or shouldn’t go to the vet. If your cat eats a tiny piece of it and nothing happened to her, then just discuss it with your vet. 

If your cat eats fairy floss in large amounts, then don’t take the risk and immediately take her to the vet. 

Remember, It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So take her to the vet and explain to your vet what your cat eats and how much she eats. 


Fairy floss is harmful to cats because it contains sugar and artificial colors and both are extremely dangerous for cats’ health. 

Fairy floss is also known as cotton candy or fairy candy. Just the name is changed but the thing is the same. So be aware and make sure your cat can’t approach fairy floss. 

If she eats it then take her to the vet, right away. In addition, if any food, drink, or candy contains too much sugar, then keep it away from your feline.