Can Cats Eat Adobo?

We all love and take care of our cats, we know or we try to know what’s best for our felines. I hope you are a cat owner and probably you’re thinking about sharing adobo with your feline and confused whether can cats eat adobo or not.

Adobo is extremely dangerous for cats. Its ingredients are harmful to cats, it contains vinegar, garlic, salt, and a lot of other spices. Most of its ingredients are harmful to o cats. 

Cats shouldn’t eat adobo and if ever you make adobo, keep it away from your cat’s reach. 

Why is adobo bad for cats?

The main reason why adobo is bad for cats is because of its ingredients. Its ingredients are bad for cats’ health. Most of its ingredients are bad for cats. Just garlic alone is enough to make adobo bad for cats.

However, the spices and high amounts of salt in adobo are also terrible for cats. 

Can I Make Cat-friendly Adobo? 

It’s difficult to make cat-friendly adobo. You can make a cat-friendly adobo if you find any way to cook it without adding garlic, vinegar, a lot of salt, spices, and other things that are harmful to cats. salt,

This type of recipe doesn’t exist, and you can’t make adobo without these ingredients. 

How to make Cat-friendly meat? 

The best way to prepare cat-friendly meat for your cat is, to cook the meat simply, and plain and don’t add any extra ingredients in it that can cause trouble for her, such as seasonings, spices, high amounts of salt, onion, garlic, etc. Also, don’t fry it in oil

Moreover, cooked meat is safe for cats to eat but raw meat is bad for cats. 

Do cats like adobo?

can cats eat adobo

Cats don’t like adobo because it has too much vinegar and spices. It’s enough for cats to hate it. Cats have a very strong sense of smell and they hate some smells, such as the smell of vinegar. 

Cats also hate spicy food, spicy foods irritate them. And also harmful to them. If you have made it, don’t allow your cat to eat it. 

Mostly adobo is made of meat and that’s the reason why some cats like adobo but the majority of cats don’t like it. It contains vinegar which keeps cats away.

What to do if a cat eats adobo?

Depending upon how much adobo your cat just had eaten. One or two licks are probably not going to hurt your cat, but it’s better to tell your vet. 

However, if your cat has eaten adobe in large amounts then you should not waste time and take her to the vet, right away. Moreover, if your cat ate it, then the first thing you should do is check how much your cat has eaten and then call your vet and explain the situation.

Lastly, it’s better to be safe so keep an eye on your cat and stop her from eating harmful things. 


Cats shouldn’t eat adobe because its ingredients are harmful to cats. It’s mixed with garlic, vinegar, spices, a high amount of salt, and some other ingredients. Most of its ingredients are harmful to cats

If you ever make adobo, make sure to keep it away from your cat’s reach. If accidentally your cat eats adobo, call your vet immediately.  

Just garlic alone is a big problem. And for cats, there is no cat-friendly recipe for adobo. If you want to cook meat for your cat, cook it simply and plain. Don’t add any ingredient in it that is harmful to cats, such as onion, garlic, spices, etc. 

Most cats hate adobo because it contains vinegar, cats hate the smell of vinegar, and cats have a strong sense of smell. However, there are very few cats that like it. 

Raw meat can also cause trouble for cats because raw meat is bad for cats.