Can Cats Eat Fudge? Expert Opinions and Advice

Fudge is a sugar candy and almost everyone has tried it. Normally candies are not suitable for cats so, can cats eat fudge or not?

The answer is No, cats should not eat fudge. It can cause big trouble for cats if ingested. However, It could lead your cat to stomach aches and other health issues. 

In addition, if you have fudge, keep it away from your cat’s reach. It’s extremely dangerous for cats. 

If we talk about sugary foods, like candy, jello, chocolates, gummy bears, and desserts, it’s better if you keep your cat away from all of them. Sugary foods are not good for cats’ health and can make your cat sick. 

Fudge is also a sugary food. 

That’s why, don’t give it to your feline, if you’re eating it, maybe your cat will start demanding it but don’t share it with your cat. 

It’s true that in some situations it can lead a cat to death but doesn’t panic because a tiny piece of it or a lick of fudge isn’t going to kill your cat but still it can cause digestive issues.

Why fudge is dangerous for cats?

Can Cats Eat Fudge

Fudge is dangerous for cats because of its ingredients. It contains some ingredients that are not safe for cats to ingest. 

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine and both of them are toxic for cats

Milk is also a big problem for cats and milk is also an ingredient of fudge. Most cats are lactose intolerant, which means they can’t drink milk or other things that are made from milk. Milk can lead cats to digestive problems. 

It contains sugar also and sugary food is a big no for cats. Don’t give your cat any food that contains too much sugar. 

I hope now you understand why fudge is dangerous for cats. 

What happens if a cat ate fudge? 

It depends on how much fudge your cat has eaten. If your cat eats a tiny piece of it or if she just licks it, it’s possible it could lead to digestive issues, such as your cat can have diarrhea and Vomiting.

But if your cat has eaten it in high amounts, then your cat is in big trouble because it can cause stomach aches or even death. 

In simple words, Big quantities of fudge could bring big troubles for your cat and small quantities of fudge could bring small troubles for your cat. 

What should I do if my cat ate fudge?

Can Cats Eat Fudge

If your cat has eaten the fudge, it doesn’t matter whether she ate a little of it, or ate in large amounts, it’s necessary to call your vet immediately. 

Try to keep your cat away from fudge but if accidentally she eats it then take her to the vet, the vet will do a proper check-up and start further treatment. 


Can cats eat white fudge?

Chocolate is toxic to cats. In fact, white chocolate is also toxic to cats but it’s less toxic as compared to dark chocolate.

As a result, cats cannot eat white fudge because it is toxic for them.

What happens if a cat licks chocolate?

Can Cats Eat Funyuns

Whenever your cat tries to eat or lick chocolate, just stop her because chocolate contains ingredients that are harmful to cats, such as caffeine and theobromine. It could lead to digestive issues.

In fact, if eaten in large amounts, it can cause death. However, Dark and baker’s chocolate are more dangerous for cats.


Fudge isn’t good for cats. Cats shouldn’t eat fudge because it’s bad for their health and it could lead to digestive issues, stomach aches, and other health issues. 

A little of it can cause digestive issues in cats, like vomiting or diarrhea. Try to keep it away from your cat’s reach but if accidentally your cat eats it, then call the vet right away. 

Not only fudge, other chocolates, and sugary foods are considered dangerous for cats’ health. Even as a treat you can’t share chocolate with your cat.