How Often Do I Take My Cat To The Vet? | 10 Signs

Actually, some people don’t know how often they should take their cat to the vet. 

In order to maintain a cat healthy and fit, regular checkups at the vet are necessary. Cats can’t take full care of themselves. Cats require a checkup when you watch any signs of sickness.

However, general routine checkups are also necessary, which depends upon the age of the cat so you can know how often you should take your cat or kitten to the vet. 

However, You should take your cat to the vet more frequently as compared to dogs. Cats need more vet check-ups than dogs.

How Often Should I take my Kitten, adult cats, or older cats to the Vet

Vey check-up varies upon every cat’s age so in the following you can check what’s the right time to take your feline cat to the vet.


Make sure to schedule an appointment with the vet, If you are the owner of a kitten. However, If your cat is 4 months, 5 months old, or less than that, it’s better to have monthly visits to the vet. Until your kitten becomes 6 months old or above.

Adult Cats:

Taking care of an adult cat is also necessary. It’s necessary to take your cat to the vet after every 6 months, which means twice a year. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat, both require proper vet checkups. They also need vaccinations, so make sure to make a schedule of your cat’s vaccinations.

Older Cats:

If we talk about older cats, probably your vet may recommend you to have proper checkups of your older cat. It’s advisable to take your older cat to the vet 2 or 3 times a year.

10 Signs When You Should Take Your Cat To The Vet Immediately:

You should take your cat to the vet immediately when she gets any injury, she is having pain, she eats any toxic food, or if you watch any signs of sickness. 

As you know routine checkups of a cat are necessary but sometimes you have to take your cat to the vet immediately. Always be aware and keep an eye on her if she is not feeling well, and discuss the condition of your cat with the vet. 

Following are some other problems mentioned, if your cat has any of them, it means she requires immediate veterinarian’s help. 

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Changes in appetite.
  4. Lethargy.
  5. Changes in urine.
  6. Not eating for more than 18hrs or 24 hours.
  7. Avoiding you and your family.
  8. Breathing trouble.
  9. Poisoning.
  10. Accident.

In addition, these are some common problems when a cat needs immediate veterinarian’s help but Keep in mind if your cat is having these problems or any other health problem, take her to the vet, right away. 

How long should I take my cat to the vet for not eating?

how often should I take my cat to the vet?

You should take your cat to the vet right away when any adult cat is not eating for more than 18 hours or 24 hours. For kittens, if a kitten didn’t eat for 12 hours.

Don’t ignore it, if you notice your cat or kitten not eating food, call the vet and discuss it.


Do cats need to see a vet every year?

It’s best if you take your cat to the vet every year. But it depends upon the age, lifestyle, and habits of your cat. Annually routine vet check-ups are considered beneficial for cats.

How often should you take an indoor cat to the vet?

It’s good if you take your indoor cat to the vet every six or eight months. You should know it’s very important to take an indoor cat to the vet at least once every 12 months.
If your cat has any health issues or it’s developing, Your vet may find it, before it’s too late.

Does a house cat need to go to the vet?

Yes, house cats also need to go to the vet. In Fact, every cat needs to go to the vet twice or at least once a year.

What happens if you don’t take your cat to the vet?

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When you don’t take your cat to the vet for routine checkups, there’s a chance your cat may suffer from any disease and you don’t know about it.
If you want your cat to be safe and healthy, take her to the vet twice a year.


Visiting the vet is not only necessary when a cat becomes ill or in an emergency, actually, but a cat also needs routine checkups.

For a healthy and fit cat routine checkups are necessary.

However, there are some conditions when she needs a veterinarian’s help, right away. (When the cat becomes sick or has any other issue.)

To prevent any big problem, routine vet checkups are necessary for cats. By building a strong relationship between the cat and the vet, you can save your cat’s health. 

It depends upon the age of the cat and how often she needs a vet checkup. This means for a kitten it’s different and for an adult cat, it’s different.