Can Cats Eat Fiber Glass? | 2 Ways to Stop

Almost everyone knows about fiberglass. A question rising nowadays is about a cat eating fiberglass, in this article I will tell you all about fiberglass for cats. 

Cats should not eat fiberglass. Eating fiberglass is ridiculous and extremely dangerous for cats, it can cause big problems and your cat requires emergency surgery. 

That’s why keep your cat away from it and always try to keep your cat or other pets away from the things that can cause problems for them. 

2 Best Ways To Stop Cats From Eating Fiberglass:

Some cat owners are afraid that their cat can eat fiberglass, If you’re also afraid that your cat can eat fiberglass, then you can lock her in a room.

1. Lock your cat in a room:

If you need to lock your cat in a room, lock her with food, plenty of water, and a variety of toys, and make sure she doesn’t feel bored.

2. Keep your cat in front of you:

Another solution is, to make sure you keep your cat always in front of your eyes but keep her away from you when you’re doing work.

Do Cats Like To Eat Fiberglass?

If a cat gets the opportunity to eat fiberglass, maybe she likes to eat it or maybe she doesn’t. It varies on every cat’s choice.

But it’s seen that most cats love to eat fiberglass or this type of other plastic insulation. Maybe they just bite it.

Make sure to take precautions to avoid your cat from biting, tasting, or eating fiberglass.

Why Is Fiberglass Dangerous For Cats?

Can cats eat fiber glass?

Fiberglass is dangerous for cats because it’s indigestible for cats. Seriously, there’s no way for cats to digest fiberglass.

If a cat ate fiberglass, it can give your cat a hard time. 

Keep in mind fiberglass is plastic and cats are not able to digest plastic. It will give your cat a hard time passing it or even your cat can need emergency surgery. 

I think that’s enough to consider fiberglass dangerous for cats

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Fiberglass?

If your cat ate fiberglass, you should call your vet immediately. Try to explain the situation to the vet about what happened. 

As you know cats cannot digest fiberglass or other plastics, so there are more chances the plastic will go right through your cat. And you can find it in your cat’s litter box within a week. 

Or she needs emergency surgery. 

Whether your cat can handle the fiberglass on its own or not, you should take her to the vet. 


Why does my cat eat fabrics?

Usually, cats don’t eat fabrics because they’re non-food items. But sometimes cats eat fabrics or other non-food items because of a condition called Pica. In this, cats may eat non-food items, such as fabrics, plastic, paper, etc.

This may be caused by many factors, like stress and anxiety, nutritional deficiency, etc. The good thing is the treatment for pica is available. In addition, sometimes while playing with fabric, cats eat fabrics mistakenly.

Can cats pass plastic?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

Cats shouldn’t eat plastic because they can’t digest it, this means if cats eat plastic if it is small enough it will pass through the digestive tract directly but large pieces of plastic can cause big trouble for your cat, it can also get stuck and can cause blockage.

However, Plastic is indigestible for cats, so if your feline eats plastic, take her to the vet, immediately.


Cats should not eat fiberglass, it can cause big trouble for your cat and your cat requires emergency surgery. 

However, cats are full of surprises, which means there’s always a chance that your cat can eat fiberglass. 

Keep your cat away from this, if you’re afraid that your cat can eat fiberglass, then when there’s any work of fiberglass, keep your cat locked in a room, or keep an eye on her, so she can’t get access to fiberglass.