Can Cats Eat Fortune Cookies?

If we talk about sharing fortune cookies with our felines, then there are many things about it that you should know, 

Cats should not eat fortune cookies because cats can’t digest grains and sugar very well. That’s why fortune cookies aren’t a good thing for cats. 

However, don’t worry if your cat has eaten just one fortune cookie, it would not cause trouble that much. But it’s best to not give fortune cookies to your cat. 

There are a lot of cats treats available in the market, that are safe, healthy, and made for cats. Giving a treat of fortune cookies to your cat isn’t a good idea. 

If your cat ate fortune cookies, don’t panic! And make sure next time you keep it away from your cat’s reach. 

Do cats like fortune cookies?

Can Cats Eat Fortune Cookies

It’s seen that most cats like fortune cookies, even though cats are not able to taste them. As you know most fortune cookies are made with flour, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract. 

Especially because of eggs, cats get attracted to fortune cookies.

Even though when you are eating it, your cat will meow for a piece of your fortune cookie, keep in mind you shouldn’t be kind-hearted and don’t share it with her, it can cause trouble for your feline.

If your cat likes cookies, then get the cookies that are made for cats.

Will a fortune cookie hurt my cat?

Fortune cookies are not that harmful to cats. It’s harmful to cats if eaten but your cat can have minor issues. 

If your cat ate fortune cookies there are chances that it will hurt after a day, such as it can lead to stomach issues, like diarrhea or vomiting. 

If your cat has eaten fortune cookies and luckily nothing happens to her, then nothing to worry about, and don’t take her to the vet. 

Keep an eye on your cat and observe for bad symptoms, if something happens, call the vet right away. If nothing happens after 1 or 2 days, that means your cat is out of danger and you can relax. 

Can cats eat paper inside fortune cookie?

Can Cats Eat Fortune Cookies

Cats shouldn’t eat paper or paper inside fortune cookies.  Even though sometimes paper causes trouble for cats and sometimes you don’t need to worry. 

The problem is, cats cannot digest paper but they can handle small amounts without any issues.  

However, the good news is, The piece of paper inside the fortune cookie is not large, that’s why don’t worry your cat won’t have any issue with it.

Still, fortune cookies are harmful to cats and you cant share with your feline.


Are cats allowed to eat cookies?

Cookies are generally not safe for cats to eat, because most of the cookies contain sugar, chocolates, artificial sweeteners, vanilla extract, butter, oil, flour, and some other ingredients.

Almost all of these ingredients are bad for cats.

Can I give my cat a sugar cookie?

Can cats eat fiber glass?

It’s better to not give your cat sugar cookies because sugar is not so good for cats. However, sugar isn’t toxic to cats.


Cats shouldn’t eat fortune cookies. It contains eggs, flour, vanilla extract, and sugar. And the fact is cats cannot digest grains and sugar is harmful to them. 

It’s better to keep cookies away from your cat because most cookies are not good for cats. 

Whether your cat likes fortune cookies or not, don’t share them with her. Fortune cookies are not extremely harmful to cats but they can cause minor stomach issues if eaten in large amounts. 

Additionally, generally, a piece of the fortune cookie is not that bad for them