Do Cats Eat Jewelry?

Jewelry is a non-food item. Humans don’t eat non-foods items but what about cats? Read the following to know the answer. 

Cats don’t intentionally eat jewelry but sometimes while playing with it, they can swallow jewelry accidentally. However, cats cannot digest jewelry or other metals. 

You need to make sure to keep all your jewelry out of your cat’s reach. If a cat approaches jewelry, and if she tries to eat it, she can come into big trouble.

Do Animals Eat Jewelry?

do cats eat jewelry

While playing with jewelry, animals can eat jewelry but no animal can digest jewelry. If your animal eats jewelry, he needs veterinarian help immediately. 

The most popular animals, both cats, and dogs aren’t able to digest jewelry. If they eat it, they are in big danger.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Jewelry?

If your cat eats jewelry, two situations can occur. If your cat is lucky, the jewelry will go right through your cat.

After one or two days, when your cat goes to the litter box, the jewelry will become down there.

But sometimes the situation becomes worse. When your cat eats jewelry, it sticks in your cat’s digestive system. This situation is really dangerous for cats

In this situation, you must take your cat to the vet. 

What should I do if my cat eats jewelry?

If you know or suspect your cat has eaten a piece of jewelry, the best option is to go to the vet right away. Don’t take the risk because there’s a high chance that the piece of jewelry will cause damage to your cat’s stomach

As a result, she can have intestine damage, vomiting, diarrhea, and even death. So take her to the vet, immediately. 

After you take your cat to the vet, maybe by doing an X-ray your vet will tell you how bad the situation is.

Remember, there’s a chance that nothing happens, but there’s also a chance that a big bad thing happens, so it’s best to take your vet’s help in this situation. 

Do Cats Eat Rings?

can cats eat jewelry

Most cats love to play with rings but usually, they don’t eat them but it doesn’t mean that cats cannot eat rings, while playing with them there is still a chance of eating the ring.

Cats don’t eat rings because they’re hungry, they eat them by mistake. Before your cat eats your ring mistakenly, it’s best to keep your ring out of your cat’s reach. 

If you know your cat has eaten a ring or if you doubt that your cat has eaten your ring, first search for your ring in your house or look for your cat’s favorite hiding spots, maybe she hides your ring. 

Whereas if you fail to find the ring, discuss it with the vet, right away. 

Do Cats Eat Necklaces?

Depending on the size of the necklace, if the necklace is small in size then the cat can eat the necklace. 

Even if you have chains that can break down into small pieces, a cat can also eat them.

Remember, cats are very smart, they know what to eat and what to not eat. A cat can only eat necklaces by mistake.

Do Cats Eat Earrings?

when do kittens start eating food and drinking water?

Just like rings, necklaces, or any other jewelry, cats don’t try to eat earrings but they try to play with them, and while playing with them, sometimes they accidentally eat them.

Keep in mind, cats don’t want to eat rings, necklaces, earrings, or any other jewelry but sometimes by mistake it happens.

Don’t take a risk and keep your earrings away from your pet. Otherwise, there’s a risk that your cat can eat your earrings. 


What Happens If My Cat Swallowed Metal?

If your cat eats metal, any sharp item, such as a piece of plastic, or any other nonfood item, it could damage your cat’s stomach, even if it can cause damage to your cat’s intestines.

Why Do Cats Try To Eat Jewelry?

how to play with a cat without toys

Cats try to eat jewelry because of many reasons. The reasons include: cats get attracted by shiny objects, that’s why she chews jewelry or maybe your cat has Pica.
(Pica is a condition in which cats try to eat non-food items.)


Cats shouldn’t eat jewelry because they are not able to digest it. Cats usually don’t eat jewelry but sometimes while playing with it they eat it mistakenly,

Or some cats have a habit of eating non-food items such as jewelry etc because they have a medical disease pica. 

Keep your jewelry away from your cat’s approach, but if your cat accidentally eats jewelry, take her to the vet, immediately. 

Whenever your cat eats jewelry, you should take her to the vet. 

Leaving your cat unattended in this situation can cause serious trouble, even death.