Can Cats Eat Sloppy Joes?

Most people, including me, love to eat sloppy joes. It is delicious for us but what about cats? If you’re interested in this, just read the article to know all about it.

Cats are meat eaters but cats shouldn’t eat sloppy joes. It contains too many ingredients that are harmful to cats such as onion. 

A little bit of it wouldn’t hurt your cat that much but it’s better to keep your cat away from eating sloppy joes. 

Can Cats Digest Sloppy Joes?

Can Cats Eat Sloppy Joes

Like hamburgers, sloppy joes also contain too much going on in them and the problem is cats have sensitive stomachs, their stomachs are not able to handle that. 

In addition, it also contains too many calories, that’s also not good for cats, it’s difficult for cats to handle. 

Why Sloppy Joes Bad For Cats?

Sloppy joes are considered bad for cats because they contain many ingredients and most of them are harmful to cats. 

The ingredients that are harmful to cats in sloppy joes are, 

It includes:

Onions, salt, hot sauce, ketchup, other sauces, seasonings, and plenty of other things that are bad for a cat. 

Whenever you are going to cook something for your cat, don’t add a lot of things to it, make it simple and plain. This is the rule for cooking food for cats.

As a result, sloppy joes can cause trouble for cats. That’s why you should never feed sloppy joes to your feline.

Are There Any Cat-Friendly Sloppy Joes?

can cats eat ground beef

It’s hard to make cat-friendly sloppy joes. The problem with making cat-friendly sloppy joes is that normal sloppy joes contains too many ingredients,

While if you’re going to make cat-friendly sloppy joes then you have to remove so many things.

Instead of making a cat-friendly sloppy joe, it’s better if you consider plain meat an alternative for sloppy joes.

Otherwise, you can try but another problem you will face is, the bread of sloppy joe will be a big problem because most cats don’t like to eat wheat or grains. 

Can I Add Sauces In Cat-friendly Sloppy Joes?

If you’re going to make a cat-friendly joe for your feline, make sure you don’t add any ingredients in it that can be harmful to cats like onion, sauces, seasonings, salt, etc. Make it simple and plain. 

Should I Call My Vet If My Cat Ate Sloppy Joes?

Depending on how much your cat has eaten and which type of sloppy joes your cat has eaten, then you can know whether you should call the vet or not. 

Regular sloppy joes contain plenty of things that can harm your cat’s stomach, so if your cat eats sloppy joe, you should call the vet. 


Are Cats OK To Eat Beef?

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Yes, cats can eat beef and in fact, beef is considered good for cats because it’s rich in essential amino acids and contains many other nutrients that cats need to be healthy and fit.

Generally, plain cooked beef without bones is best for cats.

What Meat Should Cats Not Eat?

can cats eat turkey bacon

Cats shouldn’t eat raw meat or raw fish because raw meat contains some bacteria that can be harmful to cats. It’s better to give plain cooked meat or fish to cats.


Cats shouldn’t eat sloppy joes. It contains many ingredients that can cause trouble for cats if eaten, like onions, and sauces. 

If you want to give your cat sloppy joe, it’s better to give her plain cooked meat instead of a sloppy joe. 

Whenever you cook food for your cat, cook it properly and make it simple and plain for your cat. 

After all, now you know sloppy joe is not good for cats so keep it away from your cat.