Can Cats Eat Hedgehog Food?

I am going to discuss hedgehog food for cats. If you’re going to give this to your cat, first you should know whether it’s safe for her or not. Or whether it’s good for her or not. 

Cats need cat food, they don’t need hedgehog food or any other animal food. It’s better if you don’t feed her hedgehog food. However, hedgehog food won’t hurt your cat. 

In addition, try to feed cat food to your cat. Avoid feeding hedgehog food or any other pet food to your cat. Feed her the food that’s made for cats.

That way, your cat will get the best food, she will be safe and she will stay healthy. 

Do Cats Like Hedgehog Food?

Can Cats Eat Hedgehog Food

Most cats don’t like hedgehog food, they stay away from hedgehog food. But keep in mind that if your cat eats hedgehog food there’s nothing to worry about because it’s not harmful to cats. 

Moreover, Your cat will like hedgehog food if it has a lot of protein in it. Otherwise, maybe she will reject it. 

In Addition, cat food has a good amount of protein in it because cats need a good amount of protein in their diet to stay active and healthy.

Most hedgehog food doesn’t have as much protein as cat food. This makes the cat stay back from eating it. 

Is Hedgehog Food Safe For Cats?

This depends upon the type and brand of hedgehog food. Some hedgehog foods are safe and some aren’t safe for them. 

It would be better if you don’t feed her hedgehog food and keep that food away from your cat’s reach. 

Almost many hedgehog owners feed cat food to their hedgehogs, this makes sense that cat food is better and safer. 

3 Best Ways To Stop Your Cat From Eating Hedgehog Food:

There are many ways by following them you can easily stop your cat from eating hedgehog food. Some of them are mentioned:

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1. Keep It Away

If your cat likes to eat hedgehog food and she is trying to eat hedgehog food, the safest way to stop her is, to keep it away from your cat. Make it impossible for your cat to approach hedgehog food.

2. Feed Hedgehog Whenever You’re Around

Whenever you feed your hedgehog, feed whenever you’re around. If your cat came there, stop her. If you do this, you can make sure your cat is not eating hedgehog food.

3. Feed Them Well

Make sure your cat isn’t hungry, feed them well but remember, Don’t overfeed your cat. Cats are very smart, be smarter than your cat.


Can Hedgehogs Eat Tuna?

Yes, hedgehogs can eat tuna but they can only eat tuna that is fresh, unseasoned, and does not contain extra salt or oil. Canned tuna which is in oil or is salted, that type of tuna is unsafe for them.

Is Wet Cat Food Good For Hedgehogs?

Both wet and dry cat food is good for hedgehogs. Dry cat food is considered better for them. Before giving any cat food to your hedgehog, confirm first whether the food is safe for them or not.


Whether hedgehog food is harmful to cats or not depends upon the brand of hedgehog food. Cats shouldn’t eat it because it’s not beneficial for them. Cats don’t need any other pet food, they need cat food only.

However, cat food is necessary and beneficial for cats, it contains all the nutrients which cats need. 

Don’t feed your cat any food that is not made for them. Before giving your feline any new food, make sure the food is safe for them.