Can Cats Eat Hay? | 2 Ways to Stop Cats from Eating Hay

As we all know, cats are very picky about their eating items. Often they eat very few plants and things that aren’t included in a cat’s diet. You might have hay in your garden and you observe your cat taking a bite from it.

No, cats can’t eat hay as it’s not food to eat but if you saw your feline eating hay just stop her, and no worries if she had eaten two or three bites of hay.

What if my Cat has Eaten Hay

Can Cats Eat Hay

Usually taking a single or two bites from hay will not harm your cat. But regular consumption of hay is highly dangerous for cats’ health.

There is no benefit of hay for cats but furthermore, there are risks of illness for cats after eating hay.

Is Hay Poisonous to Cats?

No, hay isn’t poisonous or toxic to cats. But on the other hand, it doesn’t have any nutritional benefit for cats.

Additionally, hay isn’t poisonous to cats but still, it’s harmful to cats. It can lead to stomach problems and digestive issues in cats.

If your cat is eating hah just watch your cat if she’s getting ill or having stomach issues then immediately stop her.

At the end of the day, it’s better to stop cats from eating hay.

Why do cats like hay?

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Interestingly nobody knows why cats like to eat hay or eat non-food items like shoelaces, hair ties, jewelry, etc.

Cats are carnivores and eating grass or hay is surprising but as a cat owners, we all know cats do surprising things daily.

Perhaps eating hay is included in surprising things cats do. In addition, hay has a different taste so sometimes cats are bored with a regular diet and practice to have something out of the routine.

Is Hay dangerous for cats?

Hay isn’t dangerous to cats. But regular consumption of hay is dangerous to cats. 

Hay is dried grass and if your feline is eating it she will not die because of it even if she eats it her whole life but hay will upset your cat’s stomach and cause further digestive issues. 

In short, this effect of hay doesn’t prove hay is very dangerous for a cat’s health. Luckily some cats will not be in trouble after eating hay but some will chase health issues like stomach problems, vomiting, etc.

How can I make my cat stop eating hay?

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I will tell you the two best ways to stop your cat from eating hay at all. You can follow any of them easily.

2 Ways to stop cats from eating Hay

  • Keep hay out of the reach of your cat.
  • Buy Cat grass (Cat-friendly grass is available in the market). Just replace cat grass with hay.

I recommend you first keep hay out of the reach of your cat and if the problem is solved then that is great. Rather if still, your feline found the hay just but a cat-friendly grass to divert your cat’s attention.

What does hay do to cats?

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There’s nothing to worry about, hay is non-toxic and usually safe for cats. However, if your cat is consuming hay in high amounts then she can have health problems. including vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, etc.


Therefore, If your cat is eating hay sometimes then there is nothing to be worried but if your feline is eating hay regularly then stop her because regular consumption of hay can lead to stomach problems.

Two ways to stop cats from eating hay are mentioned above so, by following them you can easily stop your cat from eating hay.