Can Cats Drink Kool-Aid?

Most of us love to drink Kool-Aid but what about our felines, is it good for them or bad? If you want to know, just read the following to know. 

Cats Should not drink Kool-Aid. It’s not beneficial for cats. It’s dangerous for their health. However, if your cat started drinking Kool-Aid, it could lead her to something terrible, like diabetes.

As a result, drinking kool-aid for Long-term will be terrible for cats.

Why Drinking Kool-Aid Is Dangerous For Cats?

can cats drink kool-aid

Drinking Kool-Aid is dangerous for cats because it’s a sugary drink. Just like other sugary drinks, including root beer ,this also has a lot of calories in it. 

In fact, it’s not beneficial for cats because it gives no protein, fat, or any other good thing, it just gives sugar. 

Kool-Aid has Harmful Ingredients

Because Kool-Aid gives the cat nothing but sugar, that means Kool-Aid can put the cat in trouble. Even just sugar is not only the problem in it, it also contains some other ingredients that can put your cat in trouble. 

Like, coloring, artificial sweeteners, and some acidic stuff that is not good for cats and they can’t handle it. 

A cat with a sensitive stomach will clear the Kool-Aid right away. As a result, it’s possible she could have diarrhea and an upset stomach. Keep in mind, for cats, drinking Kool-Aid is nothing but just a sugary drink.

Simply remember that Kool-Aid is not safe, not healthy, not beneficial, and just can be harmful to cats. As a result, drinking kool-aid can just create issues for cats.

Do Cats Like Kool-Aid?

cat water needs

It’s hard to tell whether cats like it or not because it’s a sugary drink and cats are not able to taste sweetness. 

Moreover, it also depends upon the individual choice of every cat, some may like it and some may not. Some cats like it because it contains some other ingredients also, maybe your cat likes that.


Whether your cat likes it or not, just keep in mind it’s not safe for them. If anything is harmful to them and you give that to your feline just because she likes that, it’s not good. 

Sometimes cats like to drink or taste sugary drinks, and soda because it’s different from what they always drink. This makes it an interesting thing for cats. 

Should I Take My Cat To The Vet If She Drinks Kool-Aid?

dehydrated cat

You shouldn’t take your cat to the vet if she drinks Kool-Aid. If your cat drinks a sip of it then there’s nothing to worry about. 

Even if she drinks it in large amounts, sometimes she has an immediate reaction and sometimes nothing happens.

Keep in mind cats can deal with a Kool-Aid situation on their own but it’s better to discuss it with your vet.

If Your Cat Drank Kool-Aid

Whereas If your cat drinks kool-aid for a long time, it’s necessary to take her to the vet. 

In addition, you should know that if your cat consumes Kool-Aid in the long term, it can cause diabetes, it will rot your cat’s teeth, and will harm its stomach. 

This situation happens the same with humans but this happens faster with them. A vet will help you to fix this situation and will do a proper check-up and he will start the treatment.

Because of these reasons, it’s best to avoid giving Kool-Aid to your felines. Water is enough for cats, don’t add these types of drinks or soda to their diet.


Kool-Aid is not good for cats. It’s a sugary drink, and if cats drink it regularly, they can have diabetes, tooth issues, stomach issues, and some other health issues. 

Whether your cat likes it or not, don’t give her Kool-Aid. If your cat drinks Kool-Aid for the long term, take her to the vet.