Can Cats Eat Hair Ties?

As a responsible cat owner, I always provide my cat with a different toy. Meanwhile, I never let my felines play with something that can prove harmful to her. Sometimes we say our cats play with hair ties and we are confused about whether to let them play or not.

Never let your cat eat hair ties. Cats can’t digest it because they are made up of metals and plastic. Even nobody can digest it because of its materials.

No worries If your cat only plays with it, if you saw her eating or chewing hair ties then immediately stop her. Because it’s dangerous for health.

Why do Cats Love Hair Ties?

can cats eat hair ties

Cats found hair ties interesting so they just started playing with them and sometimes also began to eat. While, it’s a bad practice.

Many cats love to chew hair ties, so it’s better to keep it out of the reach of cats.

Hair Ties are not Food

As we all know, hair ties are not food that we can eat. Animals or humans both can’t eat it.

Cats are very clever but sometimes they get confused and try eating things that aren’t food. They just smell and start chewing anything they like to eat.

Why are hair ties dangerous for cats?

Hair ties are a Choking hazard and they never allow anybody to eat them. So, if your cat eats it you should go to the vet immediately.  And in most cases, vets do surgery to get it out of the throat of the cat.

In addition, if your cat eats such things and nothing happens then why not hair ties? Hair ties are made up of undigested plastic even humans can’t digest.

Once your cat has eaten a hair tie, there are two possible Ways:

  1. Once your cat ate hair tie then your first step is to check the litter box if it’s in it then the problem is solved else follow the second method.
  1. In the majority of cases, a hair tie stocks in the cat’s throat, and she can’t digest it. If this happens, immediately contact your vet and in critical cases, vets go for surgery.

Should I let my cat play with a hair tie?

playing time for cats

Our recommendation is to not give hair ties to your feline friend. But on the other hand, if you want to give a hair tie to your cat for playing then supervise her to be sure she is just playing and not trying to eat it.

Once you saw your cats eating hair ties then never give them again to play. There is only one way you can let your cat play with a hair tie if you’re keeping an eye on your cat by sitting right there.

Other than that if you are allowing your cat to play with a hair tie without any supervision is when it’s similar to putting her life at a big risk.

How to save my cat from hair tie risks

In addition, there are toys available in the market which look the same as a hair tie. What you can do is just buy some for your feline and now it’s completely safe to allow your cat to play with them.

What should I do if my cats eat a hair tie?

dehydrated cat

However, if your cat ate a hair tie then don’t think anything will happen just immediately contact your vet. If you are thinking that nothing will happen then you are wrong!

Moreover, a hair tie can get stuck in a cat’s throat or anywhere inside the body. So never waste time on these types of matters.

When You take your cat to the vet

Once you took your cat to the vet now no worries and don’t panic because a vet always knows how to cure.

In conclusion, he will save your cat and after that, your can gets normal in very less time.


First of all, don’t let your cat play with a hair tie or anything that is a life-threatening object. Because it can get stuck in your cat’s throat or inside the body and can lead her to death.

Secondly, If you are letting your cat play with it, then you should be right there to not let her eat a hair tie else you can buy toys for your cat which look the same as a hair tie.

Thirdly, If your cat ate a hair tie then immediately call your vet to save your feline’s life.