Can Cats Drink Fish Tank Water? | 2 Methods to Stop Your Cats

If your cat drinks water from a fish tank and you are confused about whether it’s good for your cat’s health or not?

No, don’t let your cat drink fish tank water. Several problems can be caused by this action, the main one is a bacterial infection in cats.

Your cat can be trouble for fish inside the tank, and it can damage the tank or may fall inside the fish tank.

Countless problems could happen if your feline is drinking water from a fish tank. if you have new fish in the tank then at that time probably you will use some chemicals to maintain the water clean.

Additionally, these chemicals will result in different harmful diseases for your caf.

Cat Is Dangerous For Fish Tank

Can cats drink fiah tank water

Frequently, it’s very likely that your cat will fall inside the tank while drinking water from it now if she paws in the fish tank or damages the filters of the tank then this will result in the death of the fish inside the tank.

In addition, Your can could eat bacteria inside the tank which will be harmful.

In Conclusion, you should keep in mind that your cat and fish live in two different worlds and they can’t share anything because it will cause a lot of problems for both of them.

Why does my cat like to drink fish water?

Most people observe their cat’s love while drinking water from fish tanks. Meanwhile, their cats are not showing interest in drinking water from their water bowl even if it’s filled with fresh water. 

Cat owners thought it was because of the smell of fish inside the tank, bubbles inside the tank, or some people observing it because of running water.

Actually, it’s a combination of the above-mentioned three reasons.

Cat leaves fresh Water

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However, most people can’t differentiate why their cat is leaving the fresh water in the bowl and drinking water from the fish tank instead.

Now, if we put light on the previous history there were no food or water bowls in the jungles from where cats are introduced. When cats needed water they were thirsty, they drank water from ponds, lakes, etc. where as you know there are also fishes swimming below.

In the present time, many cats never had seen any lake but just like hunting instincts, cats have this habit from their genetics

In Conclusion, if you give your cat a choice between a water bowl and fish tank water, then definitely she will love to drink water from the fish tank because of her strong genetics, but it’s a bad practice.

Cats have Curious Personalities

If you are a cat owner, you’ve noticed your cat doing curious things. Because cats get bored very early with the same routine.

In addition, cats love to do interesting things, and as we all know drinking water from a fish tank is an interesting task to do so.

What can I do to stop my cat from drinking fish water?

can cats drink fish tank water

If you take care of your felines and you are willing to stop her from drinking fish water then there are two different Methods

Method 01

In Method one there are two different ways to stop your cat from drinking water from the fish tank.

  • Protect the fish tank.

You can cover the fish tank from the top. By using glass lids or any other materials.

  • Place The fish tank where your cat can’t reach it.

In Addition, we recommend covering the fish tank from the top because it’s permanent and easy to do so.

Method 02

In This method, you can divert your cat’s attention.

  • Buy a cat Fountain. Buying a cat fountain is the best way to divert your cat’s attention from the fish tank. As it’s a perfect gift for your feline.


Is fish tank algae harmful to cats?

why do cats hate water

Yes, algae inside the fish tank are harmful to cats and they can cause serious illness in cats. It can cause several skin and health issues like skin rashes, liver damage, neurological issues, poisoning, etc.

Can cats drink Betta water?

Can Cats Drink Fish Tank Water?

No, don’t allow your cat to drink betta water. It’s harmful to cats. When cats drink water from fish tanks or aquariums at this time they ingest nitrates also which are harmful to them. Fish tank water has different pH levels and overall hardness which makes it unfit for cats.


In the end, It’s mentioned above that fish tank water is harmful to cats anyway.

So, keep your cat and fish safe by covering the fish tank from the top or you can bring a pretty fountain for your cat to divert her attention towards it.