Can Cats Drink Red Bull?

No, red bull is bad for cats like most other energy drinks.  Cats shouldn’t drink red bull and there’s no perfect reason why your cat should not drink it. 

Caffeine is found in red bull and this is alone a big reason that makes Red Bull dangerous for cats. There are some other ingredients in a red bull that are also terrible for cats.  

However, the main ingredients of the red bull are sucrose, caffeine, glucose, etc, all of these and others are considered harmful to cats. 

Do you know,

Which Ingredient Of Red Bull Isn’t Harmful To Cats?

Red bull drink

As you know, almost every ingredient of red bull is harmful to cats but there are two Red Bull ingredients that won’t hurt your cat, first is water, and second is taurine and water. 

Remember that a little bit of it wouldn’t hurt your feline. It’s better to avoid but remember that a sip may not be dangerous for them. 

Make sure you keep Red Bull cans away from your cat, if you’re drinking it and she starts demanding, don’t give her. 

If your cat demands from you anything dangerous for her, keep in mind: Always being SAFE is better than being SORRY

Is Red Bull A Good Source Of  Taurine For Cats?

It’s true that Cats need taurine or a lot of things and no doubt Red Bull contains taurine but on the other hand, drinking Red Bull can be problematic for them. 

Drinking Red Bull to get taurine is the wrong way for a cat to get taurine in their body. There are a variety of foods that are a good source of taurine and that are safe for them.

For example, Beef is a good source of taurine for cats. 

Therefore for cats, meat is a good and great source of taurine. And almost all cat food brands contain both meat and taurine in their products. (Maybe some may not but mostly contains).

Whereas Red Bull is not good, safe, or not necessary for cats to drink. It doesn’t matter how much taurine there is in Red Bull, the thing that matters is, there are a lot of bad things in it. 

What Should I Do If My Cat   Drinks Red Bull?

can cats drink red bull

First thing, don’t panic. Red Bull has too much caffeine which is not good for cats. If your cat drinks a sip of it then no worry but if she consumes it in large amounts then it can be terrible for the cat, so you should take her to the vet immediately. 

Not only caffeine, Red Bull has a lot of things that are considered bad for your cat. That’s why it’s not recommended for cats. 

Hence, if a cat drinks Red Bull in good quantity, she will have big trouble. She can have sleeping issues, stomach issues, and other health issues. 

You have to keep an eye on your cat and keep all the things away from your feline that can put her in trouble. 


At the end of the day red bull isn’t good for cats. It’s harmful to cats because it contains caffeine that’s bad for cats. Not only caffeine, but it also contains many other ingredients that can put your cat in trouble.

In Addition, if you want to give your cat any drink, then give her the drinks that are safe for them or the drinks that are made for them. 

In addition, if a cat drinks Red Bull in large amounts, she can have health problems as well as sleeping problems. It’s better to take her to the vet if she is having any problems.